Kanopolis State Park

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Kanopolis State Park
Kansas state park
Country  United States
State  Kansas
County Ellsworth
Elevation 1,506 ft (459 m) [1]
Coordinates 38°39′26″N 97°59′59″W / 38.65722°N 97.99972°W / 38.65722; -97.99972Coordinates: 38°39′26″N 97°59′59″W / 38.65722°N 97.99972°W / 38.65722; -97.99972
Location of Kanopolis State Park in Kansas

Kanopolis State Park contains a reservoir, desert plants such as yucca, a prairie dog town, and scenic sandstone canyons. It is located in the Smoky Hills region of the U.S. state of Kansas. The park is located southwest of the city of Salina, just south of I-70.

The park, completed in 1948, includes more than 22,000 acres (89 km²) of rolling hills, bluffs and woods and a 3000 acre (12 km²) lake, offering hunting, fishing, over 25 miles (40 km) of trails, and other recreational activities. Game includes pheasant, quail, prairie chickens, deer, beaver, wild turkey, squirrels, rabbits, coyotes and waterfowl; fishing for white bass and crappie is popular.

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