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Privately held company
Industryvideo streaming
FounderOlivia Humphrey
Number of locations
2 (San Francisco, United States; Sydney, Australia)
Websitewww.kanopy.com/ Edit this on Wikidata

Kanopy is an on-demand streaming video platform for public libraries and universities[1] that offers viewers a large collection of award-winning films and documentaries.[2] Kanopy's subdivision, Kanopy Kids, includes children's programming; all Kanopy member accounts have access to Kanopy Kids.[3]


Kanopy was founded in 2008 by CEO Olivia Humphrey, as an educational tool for universities.[4] It is headquartered in San Francisco, California.[5]


Kanopy provides each participating public library[6] and university with a dedicated and customizable website through which members can stream films. The service includes features such as captions, transcripts, clip creation, and playlist creation that allow users to share videos.[7][8][9]

Business model[edit]

Public library patrons, and university students and faculty are able to watch Kanopy free-of-charge with their institution’s library card. Institutions pay for the films their students and faculty watch on a per-view basis.[7] This model used by libraries is referred to as “patron-driven acquisition” where each view (watching a video for 30 seconds or more) will prompt the sale of a license fee for that title. Costs vary per institutional contract, but have been estimated in 2019 for single titles to be $150 for one year, $350 for a 3-year license.[10]

Librarians have access to an administrative dashboard which allows them to view user analytics and adjust budgets.[7]

In 2019, three of the largest public libraries in the United States—the New York Public Library, the Brooklyn Public Library, and the Queens Public Library—discontinued Kanopy, citing unsustainable costs.[11]

Device support[edit]

Kanopy can be viewed on a computer, mobile device, or television via a web browser supporting HTML5 video or the Kanopy app for Amazon Fire Tablet and Fire Stick, Android, Apple iOS, and Roku.[12]


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