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Kanpur Central
Indian Railway Station
Kanpur Central Station.jpg

Cantt Side: Central Station Lane, Shanti Nagar, Kanpur Cantonment, Uttar Pradesh

City Side: Ghantaghar Crossing, City of Kanpur, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh
Elevation 126.630 metres (415.45 ft)
Operated by Indian Railways

Mughalsarai-Kanpur section
Kanpur-Delhi section
Howrah-Delhi main line
Howrah-Gaya-Delhi line

Kanpur-Panki-Mandhana (Projected)
Platforms 10
Tracks 19
Connections Prepaid Auto cum Taxi Stand/Ghantaghar KMBS Bus Stop
Structure type Standard (on ground station)
Parking Available
Disabled access CNB
Other information
Status Functioning
Station code CNB
Zone(s) North Central Railway
Division(s) Allahabad
Opened 1930
Electrified 1972[1] from Howrah
5 August 1976[1] till New Delhi
Previous names Indian Branch Rly. Co. <b\r> Northern Railways
Computerized Ticketing CountersLuggage Checking SystemParkingDisabled AccessFood PlazaKiosksWCTaxi StandPublic Transportation
Kanpur Central is located in Uttar Pradesh
Kanpur Central
Kanpur Central
Location within Uttar Pradesh

Coordinates: 26°27′19″N 80°19′44″E / 26.455402°N 80.328925°E / 26.455402; 80.328925

Kanpur Central or Cawnpore Barracks is one of five "Central" railway stations in India. It is one of the busiest railway station in India in terms of frequency of trains. Around 252 trains passes through the station daily. It is a major intercity rail and commuter rail station in the city of Kanpur, and is situated on the Howrah - Delhi broad gauge route passing through Uttar Pradesh . It is the busiest station of the North Central Railways, recording traffic of more than 350,000 passengers per day and more than 380 stations are directly connected to it which is highest in the country. After determining the railway stations that need to be world-class, former Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee included Kanpur Central in her list. She included funding for this work in her "50 World-Class Railway Stations" budget. A phased revamping has begun.

Though the re-modelling of Kanpur Central Station began a long time ago, it is being done gradually in phases. At present, the re-modelling work is proceeding very slowly, but senior NCR officials are hopeful of keeping their promise of providing a new, improved look to Kanpur Central in the near future.[2]

The present station was built in 1928,[3] though the imposing building was completed in 1930. The building's construction is inspired by Lucknow's magnificent Lucknow Charbagh railway station building which was built by the British in 1914; however, it could not be constructed identically to Charbagh because it would have been enormously expensive.

Major features[edit]

Kanpur Central Railway station

There are two footbridges over the tracks, Howrah Bridge and Delhi Bridge, and the station has one underpass route connecting all of the railway platforms. Escalators to the foot over-bridges are operational in Kanpur Central.

Improvement in the lighting Work

Massive improvements in the station's lighting has been undertaken. More lighting has been provided in the subway which connects different platforms. As well, tube lights in the subway have been connected with inverters to ensure that there is power at peak times. This will also help ensure passengers' safety when they use the subway to reach a particular platform. New LED neon sign boards with the station's name embedded on it are being procured and will soon be installed on both sides of the railway station. A proposal has been sent to provide facade lighting in order to give the station building a beautiful appearance during the night hours.[citation needed]

Availability of Drinking Water

To tackle the water crisis, a round-the-clock water monitoring committee has been established. Senior supervisors from the mechanical, civil, and electrical deparftments man the platforms to ensure the availability of drinking water on platforms, and on the trains. A grievance committee has been set upso that passengers can register complaints related to non-availability of drinking water. The maintenance of the existing retiring room and dormitories will be taken up in the next phase. Also, a new platform surface has been made at platform number one as cracks had developed on the older existing surface.

Passenger Facilitation Center

The passenger facilitation center will consolidate all the necessary services provided railway staff into one building. These services include: train inquiries, retiring room/dormitory booking, wheel chair booking for handicapped passengers, sale of railway time-table, and platform tickets. Also, all railway announcements will be made from this center. The Central Railway Station will also have a passenger amenity center including: the waiting hall and waiting room, booking office, passenger facilitation center, cloak room, luggage and, parcel booking office etc..., located on the platform itself.

Token System for Reservation

Railway authorities have launched its token system for passengers to reduce the long waiting time for a reservation.

Coach Induction Units

Four new electronic coach induction units have been installed at platform number one so that it is easier for passengers to identify their coach when a train halts. The installation of the coach induction units is part of the ongoing beautification drive at the Kanpur railway station.

Kanpur Central is among the top hundred booking stations of the Indian Railways.[4]

Other stations serving Kanpur Metropolitan Region[edit]

Station Name Station Code Railway Zone Total Platforms
Govindpuri Junction GOY North Central Railways 2
Kanpur Anwarganj CPA North Eastern Railways 3
Rawatpur RPO North Eastern Railways 1
Kalyanpur KAP North Eastern Railways 1
Mandhana Junction MDA North Eastern Railways 1
Chaubepur CBR North Eastern Railways 1
Panki PNK North Central Railways 5
Chakeri CHK North Central Railways 2
Chandari Junction CNBI North Central Railways 2
Kanpur Bridge Left Bank CPB Northern Railway 3
Bhimsen Junction BZM North Central Railways 1
Bhaupur BPU North Central Railways 3
Kanpur SMU CBSA CPSM North Eastern Railways 1
Gangaghat GAG North Central Railways 2

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