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Kanpur City Police is the police service of City of Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. It is divided into many zones. The official is IG.[1]

Patrolling and duty[edit]

The city police have decided to increase the police patrolling during late night hours and launch an awareness campaign in the commercial as well as residential localities as a precautionary measure in order to check cases of theft in the industrial city. "Unless you are armed, do not even dare to resist these elements because they are well-equipped," said DIG Hari Ram Sharma.[2]

Now there are Toyota Xylo cars for Cops of every police stations in the city for patrolling. According to DIG there are 10 police Xylo cars with Red/Blue/Red (RBD) cuboid lights. 250 Maruti Suzuki 800 with RBD lights are also to be brought for patrolling at populated areas of every Police Station circle.


Kanpur Police—tech savvy in making—has lodged a first of its own kind e-complaint at Kohna police station based on the information revealed through the Facebook profile. Kanpur Police had set up an account for itself at the social-networking site Facebook in a bid to improve the law and order situation and fortunately this experiment seems to bring grand success, as just a week after the account went online, first complaint has been lodged.

Tabish Ahmad, a citizen through his Facebook account, posted on Kanpur police wall that he had lost his bag containing important business documents and left his personal contact number and address on FB wall. Taking a quick cognizance in this connection, Kohna Station Officer Alok Mani Tripati contacted Ahmad immediately to get additional inputs in the case. Subsequently, Police had lodged an FIR in this connection and a sub-inspector has been given the duty to investigate this matter. Ahmad on the other hand was also informed of all the developments regarding the case through Facebook profile.

Kanpur Deputy IG Mutha Ashok Jain reportedly said, “Lodging a complaint in Kohana police station through Facebook will send a message to the public that police would file a report on any complain that they receive through Facebook”. According to reports, Kohna's Station Officer Alok Mani Tripati said, “Since it was a minor incident, we took the print out—hard copy—of Tabish Ahmad's wall post from Facebook based on that we filed an FIR and forwarded it for further proceedings.” Tripati said if they get information on a major incident like murder or dacoity on Facebook then the police would go to the complainant and would file the FIR on paper.

Kanpur Police had recently linked three police stations of Kohana, Kakadeo and Naubasta with its Facebook profile in order to strengthen the law and order situation and to make the working easier. DIG asked the police stations - Kakadeo and Naubasta - to encourage the people in their area to file reports through Facebook. Kanpur police is also planning to post photographs of wanted criminals on this page so that they could be traced faster and likely to invite people to complain against any police officer who takes bribe on the condition that the informant's name will never be disclosed.[3]


- 2214450 Staff Officer To IGPH- 2294399 DIG Police- 2311461 Sr Supretendant Of Police City- 2311407 SSP Kanpur City IEL Guest House Cantt- 2360660 SP 14 /60 Civil Lines- 2294344 SP Anti Dacorty Operation- 2294399 SP City- 2311175 SP South- IG Of Police SP Kanpur Dehat- 2317331 SP Kanpur Dehat Officer- 2311686 SP Kanpur Dehat Election Office- 2367167 SP (Rl)- 2217024 Dy S P Intelligence- 2365841 Zonal Intelligence- 2562866 S P Traffic- 2320155 2317962 Phone Numbers are office land line. Please start from 512 (Kanpur ISD/STD) code to dial. Control Room Kotwali- 2366000 Complaint Section Police Office- 2356222 S P Dehat Police Line- 2320870 S S P City- 2311285 S S P City - 2355921 Joint Director Prosecution- 2310347 Police Radio Tele Printer Centre- 2367513 S P South Thana Compound Cantt- 2355254 Police Telephone Exchange- PBX (8 Lines Connecting To All Officers) - 2364261

Traffic Department[edit]

Kanpur is an industrial town with major Central Business Districts (CBDs) located in North central part of the city. Non motorised transport is the most prevalent mode of travel in Kanpur which is evident from the fact that in Kanpur, around 42% of the traffic consist of cycles and cycle rickshaws. Among motorised vehicles two-wheelers constitute more than 80% of the vehicular population. Ratio of fast to slow moving vehicles on roads is 4:6. Motorised vehicles are growing at an annual growth rate of around 6.7% and Non Motorised Vehicles like Cycles are growing at the rate of 5.3% per year. Dominance of slow moving vehicles is the cause of delays, congestion and accidents in Kanpur. Political interference, poor infrastructure, poor enforcement and public unawareness about traffic rules and regulation are some of the other serious issues relating to traffic management in the city. There are practically no traffic management technologies being used in Kanpur. Technology allocation have been carried out for the sample cities - Delhi and Kanpur, taking into account the criticalities of Indian conditions. Solutions have been discussed on 2 levels, which are Area specific solutions and general solutions for the city.[4]

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Police stations[edit]

To see the total list of district police stations log on to [5]