Kanpur Memorial Church

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Coordinates: 26°27′02″N 80°22′09″E / 26.4506°N 80.3693°E / 26.4506; 80.3693

The Cawnpore Memorial, 1860, by Carlo Marochetti

The Kanpur Memorial Church, originally called the All Souls' Cathedral is a church in Kanpur, India. It was built in 1875 in honour of the British who lost their lives during the Siege of Cawnpore (1857).[1]


The church is situated on Albert Lane near Cawnpore Club in Kanpur Cantonment. It is situated in heart of the Cantonment.


The Church was designed by Walter Granville, architect of East Bengal Railway. The complete church in Lombardic Gothic style is attractively executed in bright red brick with polychrome dressings. To the east of the church is the Memorial Garden which can be approached through two gateways. It has handsome carved gothic screen designed by Henry Yule. Its centre is occupied by the beautiful carved figure of an angel by Baron Carlo Marochetti, with crossed arms, holding palons i.e. symbols of peace.


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