Kanpur Metropolitan Bus Service

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Kanpur City Transport Services Limited
Locale Kanpur, India
Transit type Rapid transit
Number of lines 6
Number of stations 106
Daily ridership 70,000+
Website http://urbandevelopment.up.nic.in/data/RFP-Kanpur.pdf
Began operation 6 July 1922 (6 July 1922)
Operator(s) Kanpur City Transport Services Limited
System length approx 215 kilometres (134 mi)

Kanpur Metropolitan Bus Service is a committee responsible for running of City buses within the Kanpur Metropolitan Area. KMBS has a fleet of 300 modern low floor A/c and Non A/c buses that serve a large part of the sprawling city. The Metropolitan Bus Service, earlier known as 'Mahanagar Bus Seva' (Hindi) was started on 6 July 1922.[1]


The metropolitan bus service was started on 6 July 1922. The city bus service was started in 2004. Initially, 100 buses were introduced. Response to the city bus was very good as people of all ages welcomed it and became very popular within some days. It was in 2009 when new fleet of Low floor and Low floor AC buses were introduced. It is run under JNNURM. Initially, bus service was started only on the main roads, but afterwards, it was operated in residential areas too. Now it is operated in busy and congested areas also. Kanpur Metropolitan Bus Service was established to cater to the increasing needs of Kanpur metropolis. It is a part of Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission. Now the problems of daily commuters are solved.


It has a fleet of 300 buses. All are CNG. Off them 20 are A/C Low floor, 90 are non A/C Low floor, 60 are semi low floor and 120 are mini buses. At present there are around 35 routes in the city.

Low Floor Bus Service[edit]

Kanpur Metropolitan Bus Service operates a large number of A/C and non A/C low floor buses under the title UPSRTC JNNURM: Low Floor Bus Service. The type of bus can be judged on the basis of their colour. The A/C buses are in Dark Blue/White, while the non A/C buses are in Purple/White. All low floor buses in Kanpur are of TATA Marcopolo. These buses are well designed and equipped with all needed security measures though security measures are rarely followed by commuters. These buses can be used by physically disables though practically very rare such people use buses. Low Floor Buses are now getting equipped with GPS and are capable of display the name of next stop.Modern automatic door opening/closing function is there in this buses.

Semi Low-Floor Bus Service[edit]

Semi Low-Floor Buses are high in number and are used more often. These buses are equipped with basic security measures and are also equipped with GPS and the name of next stop is both displayed and announced in the bus making it easier for commuters to use.Automatic door facility is not there in this bus.They are always open,thereby allowing foot boarding.These buses take less time as time is not wasted in automatic door opening/closing.

Mini buses[edit]

Mini buses are smaller in size and primarily operate on smaller routes. These buses are very basic in terms of security and comfort. All 120 mini buses in Kanpur Metropolitan Bus Service are made by Swaraj Mazda.They are also not equipped with automatic door opening/closing function.These buses move fast in comparison to Low floor and Semi low floor buses.

No. of buses[edit]

Class Number(s)
AC Low Floor 10
AC Semi-Low Floor 30
Non-AC Low Floor 10
CNG 100
Mini 150
Total 300


Fares of AC buses[edit]

Sr. No. Distance(in km.) Fare(in Rs.)
1 0-5 10
2 5-10 15
3 10-15 20
4 15-20 25
5 20-25 30

Fares of Non-AC buses[edit]

Sr. No. Distance(in km.) Fare(in Rs.)
1 0-2 3
2 3-5 5
3 5-10 8
4 10-15 10
5 15-20 12
5 20-25 15

Fares of mini buses[edit]

Sr. No. Distance(in km.) Fare(in Rs.)
1 0-3 3
2 3-5 6
3 5-10 10
4 10-15 12
5 15-20 15
5 20-25 20

Computerisation and GPS[edit]

All the buses are under observation and can be tracked by concern officer.Big screens are placed under the Bus stops, in which information of the coming bus is displayed through the timings and countdown time shown on the screen.Camera is placed in each and every bus, so that internal activities of the bus staff, passengers can be known.All the cameras are under observation in central observatory, and the persons seeing that are also seen through the camera by higher authorities.Through GPS bus timings can be known very easily and it is very reliable as it saves the precious time of commuters.[2]


These are city bus routes of Kanpur Metropolis_.[3] It also includes private bus routes.[4]

Route No. Origin Termination Via
1 Sarai Mita Bada Chauraha,Sarsiya Ghat Barra Bypass → Yasoda Nagar → Kidwai Nagar State Highway → Chalis Dukan → Tatmil → Kanpur Central
2 Chakeri Mod Mandhana Ramadevi,Shyam Nagar,Krishna Nagar,Chandari,Shahid Major Salman Khan Bus Station,Anwarganj,Rawatpur,Kalyanpur,IIT,Naramau
3 Shyam Nagar Bada Chauraha NH 2,Chandari,Civil Aerodome
4 Yashoda Nagar barr
5 Raniya Ghanta Ghar
6 A Bada Chauraha Bithoor
6 B Kanpur Central Mandhana
7 Barra Barra Jarauli Barra Bypass → Sachan GuestHouse, Barra → Nandlal, Govind Nagar → Baradevi → Chalis Dukan → Tatmil → Kanpur Central
8 Bada Chauraha Ramdevi
9 Afim Kothi Bingava
10 Ghanta Ghar Raniya
11 Bada Chauraha Mandi Samiti
12 World Bank Moolganj
13 Jarib Chauki- Moolganj
14 Yasoda Nagar Kanpur Zoo
15 Mandi Samiti Naubasta Kanpur Central
16 Baghpur Tekra Bada Chauraha
17 Kanpur Zoo Kisan Nagar
18 Jajmau Kisan Nagar
19 Jajmau Bithoor
20 Bithoor Bada Chauraha
21 Ramadevi Raniya
22 Shastri Chowk, Barra Rawatpur Gutiya
23 Shivrajpur Maharajpur
24 Bithor Jajmau
25 Bhaunti Shuklaganj
26 Wazidpur Bithoor
27 Bithoor Wazidpur

City bus terminals[edit]

Azad Nagar
Vikas Nagar