Kansan Uutiset

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Kansan Uutiset
Kansan Uutiset reports the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968.
Type Weekly newspaper
Format Broadsheet
Owner(s) Yrjö Sirola Foundation, trade unions
Publisher Kansan Uutiset Oy
Editor Sirpa Puhakka
Founded 1957; 60 years ago (1957)
Headquarters Helsinki
ISSN 0357-1521
Website www.kansanuutiset.fi

Kansan Uutiset (meaning "People's News" in English) is a Finnish language weekly newspaper published in Helsinki, Finland. It is the party organ of the Left Alliance.[1][2]

History and profile[edit]

Kansan Uutiset was founded in 1957[1] as the joint organ of Communist Party of Finland (SKP) and Finnish People's Democratic League (SKDL),[3] both of which, until then, had had their own papers, Työkansan Sanomat (SKP) and Vapaa Sana (SKDL). Kansan Uutiset served the parties until their dissolution in 1990. The paper had close ties to the new Left Alliance, which was founded in 1990, but it did not declare itself the organ until 2000. In the 1990s Kansan Uutiset called itself an "independent left paper".[4][5]

Kansan Uutiset has its headquarters in Helsinki.[3][6] Until 1990 the paper was owned by the organisations publishing it. SKP and SKDL also directed the paper through its council and board. New arrangements were made after the parties were gone. A joint stock company was founded, and the new owners were, for example, left-wing trade unions, banks and foundations. The Left Alliance did not directly own any stocks.[4] Nowadays, Yrjö Sirola Foundation has majority of the stocks.[7]

The paper was published four days a week until September 2009 when it became a weekly. The KU website, however, is updated every day.

The circulation of Kansan Uutiset was 43,800 copies in 1974.[3] The paper had a circulation of 9,749 copies in 2002.[1]



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