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The Kansas City Attack, previously the Atlanta Attack and later known as the Kansas City Comets, were an indoor soccer team based for most of its existence in Kansas City, Missouri. In its various incarnations the franchise played in the National Professional Soccer League from 1989–2001 and the second Major Indoor Soccer League from 2001–2005. They played their home games at the Municipal Auditorium and later Kemper Arena.


The franchise originated as the Atlanta Attack, which joined the American Indoor Soccer Association as an expansion team based in Atlanta, Georgia in 1989. In 1990 the league changed its name to the National Professional Soccer League. In 1991 the team relocated to Kansas City, Missouri, which had just lost its prolific Major Indoor Soccer League team, becoming the Kansas City Attack. The Attack played their first season at the Municipal Auditorium and moved into Kemper Arena in 1992.

The 1992–93 season was also the first of 2 national NPSL championship years for the Attack with Rookie Eddie Carmean scoring the game winning goal in the semi-final overtime to send the Attack to finals for the first time.

Kansas City was one of the more successful of the NPSL's teams, though the league itself declined in the late 1990s. In 2001 the league disbanded, and Kansas City and the NPSL's five other remaining teams formed a new league, the second Major Indoor Soccer League. At this time the team renamed itself the Kansas City Comets, after the city's original indoor soccer team. In 2005 the franchise announced that it would not play in the 2005–2006 and 2006–2007 seasons, but hoped to reform thereafter. However, the team did not reorganize by the time the second MISL folded in 2008.

In 2010 the Missouri Comets, based in nearby Independence, joined the third Major Indoor Soccer League as an expansion team, carrying on the Comets name.


Year Division League Reg. Season Playoffs Avg. Attendance
1989–90 2 AISA 2nd, American (23–17) Lost Semifinals
1990–91 2 NPSL 2nd, American (25–15) Lost in the 1st round 3,715
1991–92 2 NPSL 2nd, National (26–14) Lost Semifinals 3,009
1992–93 1 NPSL 2nd, National (26–14) Champions 4,644
1993–94 1 NPSL 6th, National (14–26) Did not qualify 4,240
1994–95 1 NPSL 2nd, National (29–11) Lost 2nd Round 3,870
1995–96 1 NPSL 1st, National (32–8) Lost Finals 4,865
1996–97 1 NPSL 2nd(t), National Midwest (26–14) Champions 5,619
1997–98 1 NPSL 3rd, National Midwest (20–20) Lost Conference Semifinals 5,214
1998–99 1 NPSL 2nd, National Midwest (19–21) Lost Conference Semifinals 5,990
1999–00 1 NPSL 1st, National Midwest (24–20) Lost Conference Semifinals 5,127
2000–01 1 NPSL 4th, National (14–26) Lost Conference Semifinals 5,324
2001–02 1 MISL 3rd, MISL (24–20) Lost Semifinals 4,661
2002–03 1 MISL 2nd, Western (17–19) Lost Conference Finals 5,414
2003–04 1 MISL 2nd, Central (17–19) Lost Semifinals 5,374
2004–05 1 MISL 5th, MISL (18–21) Did not qualify 4,789



  • 1992–1993 NPSL Champions
  • 1996–1997 NPSL Champions

Division Titles

  • 1995–1996 National Division
  • 1999–2000 Midwest Division

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