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The Kansas City Committee of 101 was founded by Jack Wheeler. The name was chosen because the membership was limited to 101 Chiefs fans and cost $1,000 annually (over $6,550 adjusted for inflation). The group began presenting its annual NFL awards in 1969. They started as NFL and AFL Awards. After the 1970 AFL-NFL merger, however, they have been awarded to the top AFC and NFC players and coaches. The "Committee of 101" is a national media committee of 101 sportswriters and sportscasters, who cover the NFL, and are asked to vote on the top offensive player, defensive player, and coach on each of the National Football League conferences, rather than the NFL as a whole.

The annual NFL 101 Awards, is the nation's oldest awards event dedicated exclusively to professional football.

The awards are handed out at an annual event in Kansas City, MO, and all proceeds from the 101 Awards benefit the Kansas City Chiefs Charities.

Offensive Player of the Year Awards[edit]

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Coach of the Year Awards[edit]

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Lamar Hunt Award[edit]

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