Kansas City Trucking Co.

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Kansas City Trucking Co.
Promotional theatrical poster
Directed by Tim Kincaid (as Joe Gage)
Produced by Sam Gage
Written by Tim Kincaid (as Joe Gage)
Starring Richard Locke
Steve Boyd
Jack Wrangler
Music by Al Steinman
Distributed by Joe Gage Films
Release date
October 1976
Running time
67 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Kansas City Trucking Co. is a 1976 American gay pornographic film directed by Tim Kincaid, better known as Joe Gage. It is the first in what has come to be known as Gage's "Working Man Trilogy", continuing with 1978's El Paso Wrecking Corp. and concluding with 1979's L.A. Tool & Die, and stars Richard Locke, Steve Boyd and Jack Wrangler.[1][2]


Hank (Richard Locke), a trucker, turns out new hire Joe on a long haul to the West Coast. The men masturbate together while on the road and participate in an all-male orgy at a truckers' bunkhouse in Los Angeles. The film features several trucking related double-entendres such as "wide load", "heavy load" and "men at work".[1]


  • Jack Wrangler as Jack
  • Richard Locke as Hank
  • Steve Boyd as Joe
  • Maria Reina as Joe's Girl
  • Dane Tremmel as Otis (as Dane Tremmell)
  • Skip Sheppard as Billy
  • Duff Paxton as Dan
  • Bud Jaspar as Fred
  • Kurt Williams as Desert Rat


The film was produced in San Francisco.[2] The original version of the film included a "piss scene" not included in DVD releases as the result of distribution editing over the years, in which Richard Locke and Jack Wrangler were seen urinating on an unknown man, followed by Locke and Steve Boyd urinating on Wrangler.[citation needed]


In 2006, Adult Video News included the "Working Man Trilogy" in its list of the top ten most innovative, influential and "hottest" gay porn films.[citation needed]

Critical reception[edit]

The Advocate called the film "one of the hottest gay porns ever made.[3] TLA Video's contemporary review was also highly favorable, citing it as one of the most influential gay porn films.[4]

DVD release[edit]

The films comprising the "Working Man Trilogy" were restored and released on DVD by HIS Video.[5]


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