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The Kansas District encompasses the entire state of Kansas, with the exception of one congregation that is in the Nebraska District. The district office is located in Topeka, Kansas.

The Kansas District is one of the 35 districts of the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod (LCMS), and comprises the state of Kansas. The Kansas District includes approximately 162 congregations and missions, subdivided into 14circuits, as well as 48 preschools and 15 elementary schools. Baptized membership in district congregations is approximately 55,800. [1]

The Kansas District was formed in 1888 out of the Western District, and at various times included territory in Colorado, Oklahoma and New Mexico; portions of the district were separated into the Colorado District (later renamed the Rocky Mountain District) and the Oklahoma District in 1921 and 1924 respectively, and the New Mexico areas were later transferred to the Colorado District in 1941-42. Kansas District offices are located in Topeka, Kansas. Delegates from each congregation meet in convention every three years to elect the district president, four vice presidents, circuit visitors, a board of directors, and other officers. The Rev. Peter K. Lange is the current District President, as of June 2015.[2]


  • Rev. Friedrich Pennekamp, 1888–94
  • Rev. Carl (Karl/Charles) Hafner, 1894–1906
  • Rev. Friedrich Christoph Droegemueller, 1906–12
  • Rev. Theodore H. Juengel, 1912–19
  • Rev. Carl Frederick Lehenbauer, 1919–32 (died in office)
  • Rev. William Mahler, 1932–39
  • Rev. Walter H. Meyer, 1939–60
  • Rev. Arlen J. Bruns, 1960–78
  • Rev. George J. Bruening, 1978-85
  • Rev. Eugene E. Schmidt, 1985-94
  • Rev. Howard J. Patten, 1994-2003
  • Rev. Keith E. Kohlmeier, 2003-2015
  • Rev. Peter K. Lange, 2015-Present

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Membership totals include all baptized members and are according to the LCMS website.

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