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Kansas History  
Kansas History journal cover.jpg
Abbreviated title (ISO 4)
Kansas hist.
Discipline History
Edited by James E. Sherow, Virgil W. Dean, Derek S. Hoff
Publication details
Publication history
Frequency Quarterly
ISSN 0149-9114
LCCN 78648409
OCLC no. 633924912

Kansas History: A Journal of the Central Plains (1978–present) is a peer-reviewed history journal that is published quarterly through the collaboration of the Kansas Historical Foundation and the Department of History at Kansas State University.[1] This journal covers new research on Kansas and western history.

The Kansas Historical Foundation is a nonprofit corporation which provides the financial support for the Kansas Historical Society's publication of Kansas History.[2] Since its founding in 1875 the Kansas Historical Society has issued three major history journals: Kansas Historical Collections (1875–1928), The Kansas Historical Quarterly (1931–1977), and Kansas History: A Journal of the Central Plains in 1978. [3]

This journal continues the academic journal entitled "Kansas Historical Quarterly" ISSN 0022-8621 OCLC 1695105. It was established in 1931 and continued publication until at least 1977. The "Kansas Historical Quarterly" in turn continued "Collections of the Kansas State Historical Society", published by the Kansas State Historical Society from 1875 to 1928 ISSN 0275-2700 OCLC 1755021. [4][5][6]


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