Kansas International Film Festival

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Kansas International Film Festival
Location 9575 Metcalf Ave, Overland Park, Kansas, United States
Founded 2001
Language International
Website http://www.kansasfilm.com

In 2001, the Kansas International Film Festival (KIFF) was established. KIFF is a non-profit Kansas-based organization that promotes independent and vintage cinema through film expos and conservation.[1] The festival is held every fall.

In 2001, KIFF received a 501(c)(3) designation under the corporation name of Photoplay, Inc. Photoplay’s board of directors consists of filmmakers, file distributors, educators, theatre owners, and film historians. The Fine Arts Theatre Group provides the venues for KIFF viewing.

KIFF serves the movie idealist by focusing on documentary, narrative, and animated independent films. The festival closes with the presentation of the following awards: Jury Award for Best Narrative, Jury Award for Best Documentary, Audience Award for Best Narrative, Audience Award for Best Documentary, and the Independent Vision Award.[2] The winners are selected by panels of local filmmakers, film educators, and critics. KIFF attracts local, regional, and national works, along with visiting actors, actress, and filmmakers. The festival also educates the public about cultural and economic issues that’s affecting independent and vintage cinema.[3]

In 2010, Movie Maker Magazine named KIFF as "one of the top 25 film festivals worth their entry fee."[4]

Past Winners[edit]


  • Jury Award Best Narrative - K Effect: Stalin’s Editor, Valenti Figueres (director)
  • Jury Award Best Documentary - Small Thing, Jessica Vale (director)
  • Audience Award Best Narrative - Construction, Malcolm Goodwin (director)
  • Audience Award Best Documentary - Blood Brother, Steve Hooker (director)


  • Jury Award Best Narrative - The Ghastly Love of Johnny X, Paul Bunnell (director)
  • Jury Award Best Documentary - Dave, Eric A. Geadelmann, (director)


  • Audience Award Best Narrative - eMANcipation, Philipp Müller-Dorn (director)
  • Audience Award Best Documentary - Lesson Plan, David H. Jeffery (director), Philip Neel (director)


  • Jury Award Best Narrative - Soul at Peace, Vladimír Balko (director)
  • Jury Award Best Documentary - Holy Wars, Stephen Marshall (director)


  • Jury Award Best Narrative - 16 To Life, Becky Smith (director)
  • Jury Award Best Documentary - Vincent: A Life in Color, Jennifer Burns (director)


  • Jury Award Best Narrative - N/A
  • Jury Award Best Documentary - The Flyboys


  • Jury Award Best Narrative - Midnight Clear, Dallas Jenkins (director)
  • Jury Award Best Documentary - The Edge of Eden: Living with Grizzlies, Jeff Turner (director), Sue Turner (director)


  • Jury Award Best Narrative - Mojave Phone Booth, John Putch (director)
  • Jury Award Best Documentary - Hand of God, Joe Cultrera (director)


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