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KSU College of Engineering
K-State Engineering logo.png
Established 1897
Parent institution
Kansas State University
Dean Darren Dawson
Location Manhattan, Kansas
Colors Purple     
Website www.engg.ksu.edu

The Kansas State University College of Engineering offers over 12 undergraduate majors and one undecided program, as well as multiple minors, and graduate programs of study. The undergraduate engineering program is ranked 75th best in the United States.[1]

Program overview[edit]

The College of Engineering has 11 Bachelor of Science degree programs; there are multiple options and minors that can be chosen from as well. Many majors offer students specialty options that allow them to further specify and study their interests.


  • Multicutural Engineering Program
  • Women in Engineering and Science Program (WESP)
  • Interdisciplinary Studies (Dual-Degrees)
  • Professional Experience
  • Leadership Certificate
  • Honors Program

Academic majors by department[edit]

Architectural Engineering (ARE) and Construction Science and Management (CNS)[edit]

Students are educated in development, function, and mechanics of various building systems. The basic areas studied are structures, HVAC, plumbing, lighting, and electrical designs.[2]

Biological and Agricultural Engineering (BAE)[edit]

Students are educated in techniques to work with living systems on micro and macro level.[3]

Chemical Engineering (CHE)[edit]

Students are educated in creating, designing, and manufacturing processes that lead to new products to be used by humanity.[4]

Civil Engineering (CE)[edit]

Students are educated in facilities and structures related to the environment, transportation, and water resources used every day such as bridges and roads.[5]

Computer and Information Sciences (CIS)[edit]

Students are educated in software design and programming for a variety of areas.[6]

Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering (EECE)[edit]

Students are educated in creating electrical and possibly computer based technology.[7]

Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering (IMSE)[edit]

Students are educated in design, and improve the current production systems.[8]

Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering (MNE)[edit]

Students are educated in a variety of fields giving them the ability to perform a wide range of activities.[9]


The various departments in College of Engineering are all recognized as nationally outstanding programs and the facilities are a reflection of that fact. The K-State Engineering Complex, which consist of six Halls, is situated on the West side of the Kansas State University campus in Manhattan, Kan. The facility includes the following structures:

In addition to these facilities, there are several off campus facilities that house experimentation labs and support facilities.

Student involvement[edit]

The College of Engineering emphasizes developing students. Academics are important, but learning also takes place outside of the classroom and several group organizations are present for that reason.

Several student clubs and organizations are available to College of Engineering students seeking to meet other students and apply skills learned in the classroom. Each of the 9 college departments sponsor at least one club or organization. Some such clubs are KSU Solar Car Racing Team, Concrete Canoe, Steel Bridge, KSU Aero Team, 1/4 Scale Tractor, Formula Car Team, SAE Baja team, and Robotic Combat Team. There is also many larger organizations such as Engineering Ambassadors, Powercat Masters Toastmasters Club, Society of Women Engineers (SWE), and Steel Ring represent college-wide organizations.

The K-State competition teams have earned several championships throughout the years, including the international champion Scale Tractor Team in 2003 and KSU Aero regularly placing in the top three, if not first. Also the Solar Car Apollo placed first in 2002 and 2004 at Formula Sun Grand Prix and another car, CATalyst, finishing regularly in the top ten.


K-State College of Engineering has several research facilities. One of the most recognized is The National Gas Machinery Laboratory, performing turbocharger research and various engine test. In Civil Engineering there is CISL, Civil Infrastructure Systems Laboratory, a facility that performs weather and variable load tests on developing road structures.[10]

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