Kansas Turnpike Authority

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Kansas Turnpike Authority
Kta logo.png
Agency overview
Formed 1953
Preceding agency
  • Kansas Highway Department (dissolved)
Headquarters 9401 East Kellogg
Wichita, Kansas 67207
Agency executives
  • Mike King, Director of Operations
  • Mark Hutton, Chair of the Authority
Website ksturnpike.com

The Kansas Turnpike Authority (KTA) is the organization that owns and maintains the Kansas Turnpike.


Between the world wars, toll roads and turnpikes became a popular way for states to keep pace with Americans’ growing infatuation with the automobile. But more important than the wants of the country are its needs. And the idea made sense to many Kansans for several reasons.[1]

While the Chamber wanted to connect the three largest cities in Kansas for economic development, other proponents knew how such a link would also make life easier and safer for Kansans who regularly traveled dangerous two-lane highways.[1]

The Eastern Terminal[edit]

The Eastern Terminal at milepost 217 leads to the end of the Kansas Turnpike at milepost 236. From there the road travels to the heart of Kansas City. Though the Turnpike spans the entire state of Kansas from north to south, short distance commuters also make up a considerable percentage of Turnpike customers, particularly in the urban corridor stretching through Topeka, Lawrence, and Kansas City.[1]

Authority Board[edit]

The Authority acts through a board of five members, one of whom is elected chairman by the other members. Two members are appointed by the Governor of Kansas for four-year terms, two members serve by reason of their legislative positions - one is Chairman of the Kansas Senate Committee on Transportation and the other is a member of the House Transportation Committee, appointed by the Speaker of the House. The fifth member is the Secretary of the Kansas Department of Transportation. The latter three serve as members of the Authority for the duration of their state terms. On July 1, 2013, in accordance with HB 2234, the KDOT Secretary also became the Turnpike's Director.[2]

One board member is elected as the chairman of the board by the other four members. The current chairman is Mary E. Turkington, who previously served as Executive Director of the Kansas Motor Carriers Association.[2]

As of July 1, 2013, the Authority board is as listed below:

  • Rep. Mark Hutton, Chairman
  • Sen. Mike Petersen, Vice-chairman
  • Rep. Richard J. Prohel
  • David Lindstrom
  • Mike King, Secretary of Transportation


  • Authority Board
    • President and Chief Executive Officer
      • Toll Operations Director
      • Maintenance Director
      • Public and Employee Relations Director
      • Chief Financial Officer
      • Chief Engineer
      • Chief Information Officer


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