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Kantana Group Public Company Limited
Public company
Industry Motion pictures, television, animation
Founded 1951
Headquarters Bangkok, Thailand
Key people
Somchat Intrathut, chairman
Somsook Kaljaruek, co-founder and honourable chairman
Subsidiaries Kantana Laboratories
Oriental Post
Kantana Motion Pictures
Kantana Distribution
Kantana Publishing
Kantana Animation Studio
Kantana Movie Town
Kantana Edutainment
Kantana I-MC
Kantana Organizer and Management
Apollo Lab
Mica Media
Thai Independent Network Agency
Website http://www.kantana.com/

Kantana Group Public Company Limited (Thai: บริษัท กันตนา กรุ๊ป จำกัด bor-rí-sàt gan-dtà-năa gróop jam-gàt) is a film and television production company based in Bangkok, Thailand. It is one of Thailand's oldest and largest film studios. The company's post-production facilities, including the joint-venture Oriental Post, are a major Asian hub for film processing and editing. The company is also known for its animation work, which includes the 2006 feature film Khan Kluay.


Kantana began in 1951 as a radio drama troupe founded by Pradit and Somsook Kaljaruek. The company branched out into television in 1958 with the drama series “Ying Kor Mee Hua Jai”.

The company has since expanded to include the production of feature films, commercials and documentaries.


The business operations of the company and its subsidiaries are divided into three core areas: television production, film and post production, and "edutainment" and government relations.


Family and variety programs[edit]

Family and variety shows are produced for Thai television channel 5 (Royal Thai Army TV), BBTV Channel 7 and TITV. The shows include the cartoon series, "The Adventure of Khan Kluay".

Drama series[edit]

Around 18 drama series, or lakorns are produced for BBTV Channel 7 and TITV.


Kantana Animation Studio[edit]

Kantana Animation produced the first Thai computer-animated feature film in 2006, Khan Kluay, which took three years and cost 150 million baht to make. Khan Kluay was the top film at the Thailand box office in 2006, earning 91 million baht, and winning several awards. Also, a Khan Kluay television series was created for BBTV Channel 7. Kantana Animation was spun off into its own subsidiary in 2007, Kantana Animation Studio Company, Limited.


Kantana is a major hub for film post-production services in Asia. Kantana's film lab provides overlay subtitling, negative cutting, color analysis, digital intermediate processing, optical effects, sound transfer, film cleaning and film print copying. The facility has provided lab work on such films as Memoirs of a Geisha, Superman Returns, Casino Royale, Echo Planet and dozens of Thai feature films.

The company's sound studio provides audio dubbing and mixing services for feature films, television shows and commercials, including recording, sound effects, foley, sound design and voice dubbing/ADR. Kantana was the first Thai company to receive permission from Dolby Laboratories to record sound under the Dolby.

Oriental Post[edit]

Oriental Post Company, Ltd., which is 50-50 joint venture by Kantana and Loxley Video Post, provides digital post production facilities. The services include digital compositing in PAL, NTSC, HD 24p in multi-format, telecine, digital editing and special effects creation. Using digital intermediate technology, Oriental Post's services also include film processing, scanning conforming, color correction, offline and online editing, digital effects, computer graphics and audio recording to film printing. The company has provided post-production work on the films of Wong Kar-wai, 2046 and My Blueberry Nights.[1]


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