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Kantō (Japanese)[edit]

Kanto is a simplified spelling of Japanese Kantō (関東 or 間島, 竿燈) missing the diacritics.

Kantō (in Japan)[edit]

Kantō may refer to:

Kantō (in Northeast China or Manchuria)[edit]

Kantō may refer to the region of Jiandao (Japanese: 間島 Kantō) in Manchuria, now known more commonly as Yanbian.

Kantō (関東) is an alternate name for Northeast China or Manchuria used in the following:

  • Kwantung Army (Japanese: 関東軍 Kantōgun), a unit of the Imperial Japanese Army
  • Kwantung Leased Territory (Japanese: 関東州 Kantōshū), a Japanese possession in Northeastern China until the end of World War II

Kantō (Japanese festival)[edit]

Kantō is a festival held in Akita city every year.

Kanto (Western)[edit]

  • Kanto (music) is a form of Italian theatre and opera popular in Turkey.
  • Kanto (comics), a fictional character in the Mr. Miracle series.