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October 2011 cover of Kanyaka

Kanyaka is an Indian magazine in Malayalam primarily addressing women's issues. It is a fortnightly, published by the Mangalam Publications[1] India Pvt. Ltd., Kottayam. Toshma Biju Varghese is its managing editor and Claramma Varghese is its chief editor. A.Chandrasekhar is the editor-in-charge.

The magazine contains features on current affairs, stories, poems and cartoons, and interviews of celebrities and uncelebrated common personalities. The magazine is dedicated to the uplifting women in Indian society as well as in the societies of other countries.


Kanyaka contains cooking recipes from some of the well-known chefs of this trade, beauty tips from some of the famous beauticians of India and health care tips from doctors and dieticians.

Kanyaka contains relationship information for married people; it acts as a counselor for their married life. It has its own free family guide in every issue.

Readership profile[edit]

Kanyaka is the leading women’s magazine in Malyalam. It is mainly read by the people in the 18–35 age group.


Claramma Varghese, the wife of M.C. Varghese is the managing editor of the weekly Kanyaka Malyalam. Toshma Biju Varghese, noted cuisine writer and wife of Biju Varghese, managing editor, Mangalam is the managing editor of Kanyaka. The editorial team is headed by noted journalist and film critic A. Chandrasekhar. The team comprises Sajil Sreedhar and Reshmi Reghunath as its chief subeditors and Rajesh Varma and Josi Thomas as its subeditors. G. Vipinkumar is the chief photographer and Anu G. Nair is photographer. Biju Andrews is the page layout artist.


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