Kanzaki Station (Saga)

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Kanzaki Station

Kanzaki Station (神埼駅?, Kanzaki-eki) is a railway station in Kanzaki Town, Kanzaki City, Saga Prefecture, Japan. It is operated by JR Kyushu and is on the Nagasaki Main Line.


It is an above ground station with two side platforms and three tracks. The station itself is in a bridge which is meant to resemble a Yayoi period raised-floor style storehouse. It does not have a MARS terminal, but it does have a POS system from which tickets may be sold.



  • August 20, 1891 - Opening as Kanzaki Station under the control of Kyushu Railroad
  • July 1, 1907 - Kyushu Railroad nationalizes and the station falls under the control of the Japanese Government Railways
  • May 1, 1945 - Station is renamed Hizen-Kanzaki Station
  • April 10, 1956 - Renamed again, back to Kanzaki Station, this time with slightly different kanji
  • June 6, 1976 - Track from Tosu to Hizen-Koga to Nagasaki is electrified
  • April 1, 1987 - Railways privatize and the station is inherited by JR Kyushu and JR Freight
  • May 22, 1997 - Usage as a freight station is discontinued

Adjacent stations[edit]

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Coordinates: 33°18′57″N 130°22′30″E / 33.315968°N 130.374931°E / 33.315968; 130.374931