Kanzelhoehe Solar Observatory

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Kanzelhoehe Solar Observatory
Observatorium Kanzelhoehe.jpg
Organization Karl-Franzens-University
Location Villach, Austria
Coordinates 46°40.7′0″N 13°54.4′0″E / 46.67833°N 13.90667°E / 46.67833; 13.90667
Altitude 1,526 meters (5,006 feet)
Website www.kso.ac.at
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The Kanzelhoehe Solar Observatory or KSO is an astronomical observatory affiliated with the Institute of Geophysics, Astrophysics and Meteorology out of the University of Graz. It is located near Villach on the southern border of Austria.

Its Web page at http://www.kso.ac.at/ usually posts current images of the sun, especially in the hydrogen-alpha line that is the strongest visible-light line of hydrogen and that reveals the solar chromosphere.


Founded in 1941 by the German Luftwaffe to research the effects of the Sun on the Earth's ionosphere, the KSO focuses on multispectral synoptic observations of the sun using several telescope on the same mount.

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