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FormatWeekly Broadsheet Newsprint
Owner(s)Kanzhongguo Association, Inc.
Editor-in-chiefLily Zhang
HeadquartersNew York City
CityAmsterdam, Auckland, Berlin, Boston, Copenhagen, Dublin, Helsinki, Hong Kong, Lima, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Melbourne, New York, Paris, Rome, San Francisco, Seoul, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto, Vancouver, Washington DC
CountryAustralia, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Peru, Spain, UK, USA,
Free online archivese-paper.kanzhongguo.com

Kanzhongguo (Chinese: 看中國), also known as Vision Times, is a Chinese language weekly newspaper. It was founded in 2001 as a website, www.secretchina.com. In 2006, it began publishing weekly print versions in major U.S. cities and Australia[1] where large Chinese communities exist. In 2007, print versions were launched in Europe.[2] To date, it is published in 23 cities, across 17 countries around the world. It is the largest Chinese language weekly newspaper.

Translated into English, Kanzhongguo means "Watch China". Its content aims to inform overseas Chinese of current events in Greater China and where they live. Its cultural section focuses on traditional Chinese culture; articles often illustrate how traditional Chinese cultural values have applications in modern-day living.

In Hoover Institution's 2018 survey of Chinese language media landscape in the United States [3], it states:

"Given these efforts by Beijing, the space for truly independent Chinese-language media in the United States has shrunk to a few media outlets supported by the adherents of Falun Gong, the banned religious sect in China, and a small publication and website called Vision Times. According to the publisher of its New York edition, Peter Wang, Vision Times was formed expressly to address the issue of the shrinking space for independent Chinese voices in the United States. Since then, it has focused on two areas — human rights reporting and traditional Chinese culture."

Each local edition of Kanzhongguo is published independently by a local affiliate. One can access all current and past issues of the newspaper online.

Its companion website, www.secretchina.com, also known as www.kanzhongguo.com, is published in Chinese, English, Spanish and German.


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