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Kanzul Iman (Urdu and Arabic: کنزالایمان) is a 1910 Urdu paraphrase translation of the Qur'an by Ahmad Raza Khan. It is associated with the Hanafi jurisprudence within Sunni Islam.[1]


Ahmad Raza Khan wrote the translation in Urdu. It has been subsequently translated into other European and South Asian languages including English, Hindi, Bengali, Dutch, Turkish, Sindhi, Gujarati and Pashto.[2]

In English

  • The Holy Qur'án (The treasure of faith) Kanzul Iman (urdu), Rendered into English, Professor Shah Faridul Haque.[1][3]
  • Other translation was completed by Professor Hanif Akhtar Fatmi.[4] Aqib Farid Qadri recently published a third translation.

In Dutch

  • De Heilige Qoraan, Rendered into Dutch by Gulam Rasool Allahdin

In Turkish

  • Kur'an-i Karîm, Rendered into Turkish by İsmail Hakkı İzmirli[5]

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