Kao Cheng-yan

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Kao Cheng-yan
Personal details
Political party Green circle.svg Green Party Taiwan
Profession Computer science

Kao Cheng-yan (Chinese: 高成炎; pinyin: Gāo Chéngyán; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Ko Sêng-iām) is an activist and founding chair of the Green Party Taiwan[1] and a member of the Taiwan Environmental Protection Union. He was a Taiwan independence activist during his student years in the United States. He ran for the Legislative Yuan on a Green Party ticket in 1998 and 2001 but failed to gain a seat.[2]

In the ROC referendum, 2004, he debated DPP Legislator You Ching.

He opposes the completion of the Lungmen Nuclear Power Plant, leading the campaign to gather more than 120,000 signatures in order to add a referendum to the national ballot.[3][4] His opposition to nuclear power dates back to 1979.[5]

Professionally, he is a professor in Computer Science (Bioinformatics) at the National Taiwan University.[6]


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Selected works[edit]

  • 高成炎, ed. (16 April 2012). 福島核災啟示錄:假如日本311發生在台灣…… [Fukushima nuclear disaster revealed: if the 311 Japan event happened in Taiwan ...]. Taipei: 前衛. ISBN 978-9578016842.  (in Chinese)

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