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Kaori Mizumori (水森かおり, Mizumori Kaori) (born 31 August 1973, Kita, Tokyo) is a Japanese enka singer with Tomikuma Japan Communications. Her real name is Yukiko Ōde (大出弓紀子). She started her enka singing career in 1995.

Her songs are usually titled after Japanese landmarks and Japanese nature, which are widely accepted and well received, making Mizumori extremely popular and receiving many invitations to be the ambassador of many regions in Japan.

Unlike her enka singing peers, Mizumori usually performs in western dresses, instead of the traditional kimonos. Currently she holds the record of having the most top ten singles for a female enka singer. All her singles have entered the top 10 Oricon Chart since 2004.

Mizumori is also a regular at the annual NHK Red and White Song Festival, performing on 14 occasssions since 2003. She will be making her 15th appearance coming new year eve 2017.


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