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Kaoru Mori
Born (1978-09-18) 18 September 1978 (age 40)
Tokyo, Japan
Area(s)Character design, writer, manga artist, illustrator
Pseudonym(s)Agata Fumio (県 文緒)
Notable works
Emma, Shirley, A Bride's Story
AwardsExcellence Prize – Emma
Signature of Kaoru Mori 森薫

Kaoru Mori (森 薫, Mori Kaoru, born 18 September 1978) is a Japanese manga artist from Tokyo and is the creator of the manga series Emma, A Bride's Story and Shirley. Many of her works are centered on female characters in the 19th century, such as a maid in Victorian Britain and bride in Turkic Central Asia. She also wrote dōjinshi under the pen name Fumio Agata (県 文緒) as a member of doujinshi circle Lady Maid.[1]

Mori's works are known for their high level of detail in terms of clothing design, historical nuances, and background work. Her books are often published outside Japan in larger, hardbound editions in order to compliment the heavy detail seen in every page. Similar to authors like Hiromu Arakawa, she often gives herself unflattering self-portraits, usually an outline for a body with a head with wild hair, as she is very reluctant to show her face in public events or even in interviews.[1]

Her first published work, Shirley, was revived in a two-installment continuation called Shirley Madison in Fellows! (now Harta) , where her latest work A Bride's Story is serialized[2] and continues to be updated sporadically.


  • Emma (エマ, Ema) – 10 volumes in total
  • Shirley (シャーリー, Shārī)ISBN 4-7577-1313-4, Release date: February 2003, relaunched in 2010.
  • A Bride's Story (乙嫁語り, Otoyomegatari) – Serializing in Enterbrain's bimonthly manga magazine Harta since October 2008.


  • Violet Blossoms (すみれの花, Sumire no Hana) – Art; story by Satoshi Fukushima.



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