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Kaoru Nakamaru (中丸 薫, Nakamaru Kaoru, born 23 May 1937) is a Japanese journalist, television interviewer, and author with a background in international politics.[1]


Born in Yamanashi Prefecture, Nakamaru studied abroad at Columbia University.[1] While beginning to write articles and books on international relations, she hosted a number of nationally broadcast television interview series, including Sekai no Shuyaku (世界の主役) in 1972.[2][3] The magazine Newsweek nicknamed her "the Edward R. Murrow of Japan" in a 1974 profile that introduced her alongside Makiko Tanaka as one of a "handful of Japanese women who have bucked their country's patriarchal system".[4] The profile itself was news in Japan.[5][6] During her career, she has interviewed such world figures as Edward M. Kennedy, the Shah of Iran Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, and Idi Amin.[4][7][8]


Nakamaru asserts that she is the granddaughter of the Emperor Meiji.[9] These claims have been disputed in a Korean newspaper article.[10]

Nakamaru was married to the film and television actor Tadao Nakamaru, who died on 23 April 2009.[11]


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