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Kaoru Yumi (由美かおる?)
Born (1950-11-12) November 12, 1950 (age 66)
Japan Kyoto, Japan

Kaoru Yumi (由美かおる Yumi Kaoru?, born November 12, 1950) is a Japanese actress.


Kaoro was born in Kyoto. In junior high school, she joined the Nishino ballet group. She gained popularity with her appearance in the 1967 program Re Gaaruzu with Katsuko Kanai and Etsuko Nami in a mini-skirt number. In 1973, she did her first nude scene in the movie Dōsei Jidai ~Kyōko to Jirō~ (同棲時代 -今日子と次郎-?). In the same year, she also performed in the movie Shinanogawa (しなの川?) which had a similar scene. There was criticism over the scene in the movie where the character lost her virginity.

Kaoru was also featured in a 1976 film Chō kōsō hoteru satsujin jiken (超高層ホテル殺人事件?) which also had a nude scene. In 1986, she became a regular cast member portraying O-gin and O-en in the television prime-time jidaigeki Mito Kōmon (水戸黄門?). Her bath scene is her trademark in the show.[1] She had nude scenes in ESPY, Prophecies of Nostradamus as well, although the first two removed them from U.S. release and the third was extremely brief and not sexualized.



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