Kap Shui Mun

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Kap Shui Mun, viewed from the air. Lautau Island is on the right side

Kap Shui Mun (Chinese: 汲水門; Jyutping: kap1 seoi2 mun4) or Throat Gates (historically spelled Capsuimoon) is the channel between Lantau Island and Ma Wan in Hong Kong.[1] It is part of major sea route along the coast of South China, from Victoria Harbour to the Pearl River. It joins north with Urmston Road. Kap Shui Mun Bridge spans the channel.


The original Chinese name of Kap Shui Mun is kap shui mun (急水門), the gate of fast-moving water. This exactly describes the current of the channel. The name 'fast-moving water' was associated with accidents for ships and boats. To remove this malign influence, it was renamed to a title with similar sound, k'ap shui mun (汲水門), meaning 'water-fetching gate'. For Chinese, water represents fortune and wealth.

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Coordinates: 22°20′35″N 114°3′23″E / 22.34306°N 114.05639°E / 22.34306; 114.05639