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Kapedo is located in Kenya
Location of Kapedo
Coordinates: 1°10′N 36°06′E / 1.17°N 36.1°E / 1.17; 36.1Coordinates: 1°10′N 36°06′E / 1.17°N 36.1°E / 1.17; 36.1
Country Kenya
County Baringo County
Time zone EAT (UTC+3)
Climate BSh

Kapedo is a settlement in Pokot East District of Baringo, Kenya's Rift Valley Province.

The village lies to the west of Mount Silali in the floor of the Great Rift Valley at the head of the Suguta Valley. The Suguta River enamates from hot springs just east of the village, and is joined by the Kapedo River flowing from the west.[1]

The village, occupied by Turkana people, is in a hot semi-desert area. Houses are made of mud and palm leaves. A few shop sell basic goods such as flour, tea, sugar and kerosene. There is very little agricultural land, so the people mainly depend on raising goats and camels. Conflict with the neighboring Pokot people creates risk in both farming and herding.[2]

The village is home to the Kapedo Mixed Secondary School, which in 2010 had been recently completed and had a staff of eight for thirty pupils. The capacity of the school is much higher but few students can afford even the modest fees.[3] As of 2011 the Kapedo Sub-District Hospital had 28 beds and four cots. It provided in-patient and out-patient services related to maternity, HIV and Tuberculosis.[4]