Kapitan Louka

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Kapetan Louka or Kapitan Louka (Greek: Καπετάν Λουκάς) is a dance from the region of Macedonia in Greece. It is a dance specifically from the area of Kozani. The dance is named after a freedom fighter in Macedonia, Loukas Kokkinos born in Grevena.

The words are as follows:

A bird sat on the cliffs of Lehovo

it did not sing

It did not sing like a bird

nor like a Dove

It uttered

It uttered and said

With a human voice

calling Louka

Calling Louka to the Mountains

and to the Chestnut Villages (they are a group of Villages in Western Makedonia, specifically the region Voio in Kozani)

and asking what were you doing there

What were you doing there my Louka?

What were you looking for?

Song birds and doves, please do not sing, the Kapetan is sleeping, do not awaken him

The wind blows the maple trees leaves, and may God protect the children of Ellas (Greece.)

"Ενα πουλακι εκαθισε στου Λεχοβου την ραχη δεν κελαιδουσε Δεν κελαιδουσε σαν πουλι μηδεν σαν χελιδονη Παραλαλουσε Παραλαλουσε και ελεγε μ' ανθρωπινη λαλιτσα καλαει σεν' Λουκα Καλαει σεν' Λουκα στα βουνα και στα Κασατνοχωρια τι χαλαβες Τι χαλαβες Λουκα μ' τι γυρευες.

Αηδονια χελιδονια, μην κελαιδισεται, κοιματε ο Καπετανιος, μην το ξυπνισεται Αερας τα φυσαει τα πλατανοφυλα, Θεος να τα φυλαει τα Ελληνοπουλα"

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