Kapiti Urban Area

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The Kapiti Urban Area is a statistical area defined by Statistics New Zealand to cover a group of urban settlements on the Kapiti Coast.

Kapiti Urban Area is classified as a main urban area because its population exceeds 30,000, it was 40,900 at 30 June 2012. But unlike the other main urban areas it is not centred on a city. Instead, the urban area spans three "towns":

The largest of these is Paraparaumu. Raumati may be considered a suburb of Paraparaumu or a separate town in its own right. There are no legal definitions for towns in New Zealand.

Kapiti is better described as a commuter area of Wellington than an independent city.

Coordinates: 40°50′38″S 175°11′09″E / 40.84389°S 175.18583°E / -40.84389; 175.18583