Brightwood College

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Brightwood College
Type For-Profit
Students 9000
Location United States
Campus Locations 10 in California; 2 in Indiana; 1 in Maryland; 1 in Nevada; 1 in North Carolina; 1 in Ohio; 1 in Tennessee; 11 in Texas
Affiliations Education Corporation of America
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Brightwood College, formerly Kaplan College, is a system of for-profit colleges in the United States and is owned and operated by Education Corporation of America. Main qualifications offered include health, business, criminal justice, information technology, nursing and professional training (trades) programs.[1]


Before being acquired by Education Corporation of America (ECA) in September 2015,[2][3] Kaplan College was part of Kaplan Higher Education, a subsidiary of Kaplan, Inc.

Kaplan, Inc., purchased the American Institute of Commerce, a business training school founded in 1937, and renamed it Kaplan College in 2000, later renaming it to Kaplan University in 2004.[4]

In 2000, Kaplan acquired Quest Educational Corporation, which served 30 schools in 11 states.[5] Quest Education Corporation was renamed Kaplan Higher Education in 2002.[6]

In April 2004, Kaplan Higher Education owned 64 campuses, including Hesser College in New Hampshire and CEI College in California.[7]

California locations operated under the Maric College brand from 2004-2008, then as Kaplan College. In June 2008, Las Vegas-based Heritage College was folded into the Kaplan College brand. In 2010, the Texas schools acquired as part of the Quest purchase were renamed Kaplan College.

In October 2015, Kaplan College's Dayton, Ohio campus was renamed Brightwood College.[8] The remaining Kaplan College locations became Brightwood College in February–March 2016.[9][10]


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