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Kaponga is located in Taranaki Region
Coordinates: 39°25′46″S 174°8′58″E / 39.42944°S 174.14944°E / -39.42944; 174.14944
CountryNew Zealand
DistrictSouth Taranaki District
 • Total303
The Kaponga Logo
Mount Egmont taken from a residential home in Kaponga

Kaponga is a small town in the southern part of the Taranaki region of New Zealand. It is known as "The Gateway to Dawson's Falls" on Mount Taranaki/Egmont. Kaponga is located inland from Manaia and Eltham, and is on the main road connecting Eltham to Opunake. Opunake is 26 kilometres (16 mi) to the west and Eltham is 13 km to the east. Auroa lies to the south-east. Manaia is 15 kilometres (9 mi) south of Kaponga.[1][2]

The population was 303 in the 2013 Census, a decrease of 69 from 2006.[3]


The small town of Kaponga was settled in 1882, and has strong Swiss connections.[4] Some of the first settlers in the area were Swiss, and in 1952, the Taranaki Swiss Club was formed.[5]

The town was once a much larger town than it is today: with many stores. There are only a few shops now, including the Fish n Chip Shop (Fern's Takeaways), the 4 Square (supermarket), a bed-and-breakfast (Constable Cottage), veterinary services (Coastal Veterinary Services Ltd), RD 1 (another rural supply business), a cafe (Drift Inn Cafe) and the Kaponga Hotel (bar). It is also home to a garden of national significance, Hollard Gardens.[6]

There are many other businesses working in and around the village, mainly relying on the booming dairy industry. The Kaponga and surrounding community has a South Taranaki District Council LibraryPlus, which provides a full library service and Council related services. These services include being able to register your dog, pay your rates or inquire about obtaining a building permit. The LibraryPlus also has two APN computers, offering free internet and Skype to the public.


Kaponga School[edit]

Kaponga School is a school with a roll of 108 students.[7][8] The school was founded in 1891.[9] In 2005, Kapuni and Mahoe schools closed and merged into Kaponga School.[10]

St Patrick's School[edit]

St Patrick's School is a state integrated Catholic school with a roll of 16 students.[7][11] St Patrick's started in 1921 with lessons held in the local church. It moved into its own building in February 1922.[12]

Both are coeducational full primary schools, covering years 1-8.


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