Kappa Beta Gamma

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Kappa Beta Gamma
FoundedJanuary 22, 1917; 102 years ago (January 22, 1917)
Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
MottoCharacter, Culture, Courage
Colors     Blue      Gold
JewelBlue Sapphire and White Pearl
Mascot"Jermain" the Lion
PublicationKappa Star
PhilanthropySpecial Olympics

Kappa Beta Gamma (ΚΒΓ) is a sorority founded at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1917.


In 1916, twelve women of Marquette University founded the campus's first sorority on January 22, 1917, Kappa Beta Gamma. The first officers of this group were: Teresa Jermain as President, Myra Thewalt as Vice-President, Jeannie Lee as Secretary, and Mary Weimar as Treasurer. Weimar also designed the sorority pin.

Kappa Beta Gamma grew throughout the years as a local group on the Marquette campus. Many of the members expressed interest in expanding onto other university campuses. On May 14, 1947, the sorority's Founders Day, the sorority installed its second chapter, Alpha, at Saint Louis University; St. Louis, Missouri. The chapter at Marquette University became known as Beta chapter.

On April 2, 2011, Kappa Beta Gamma installed its first international chapter, the Upsilon chapter at the University of Victoria in Victoria, British Columbia.[1]


The official colors are blue and gold. The star is the symbol, while the official flower is the forget-me-not. KBG has 2 official jewels, the blue sapphire and white pearl.


ΚΒΓ National Headquarters are located in Detroit, Michigan. The first National Officers were chosen from the Beta chapter and were elected to a two-year term. These officers were:

  • Georgia Klein (President)
  • Ann Calla (Vice-President)
  • Gertrude Cobbeen (Secretary)
  • Gloria Oberst (Treasurer)


Active chapters:

Inactive chapters are:


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