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Kara is both a given name and a surname.[1] Notable people with the name include:

Given name[edit]



  • Kara Drew (born 1975), American professional wrestler, manager, and former WWE Diva
  • Kara Eaker (born 2002), American artistic gymnast
  • Kara Mbodj (born 1989), Senegalese footballer

Other fields[edit]

  • Kara Mahmud Bushati (1749–1796), noble of the Bushati family
  • Kara Mustafa Pasha (1634/5–1683), Ottoman military leader
  • Kara Neumann case, in which parents of a sick child treated her with only prayer, resulting in the child's death in 2008
  • Qara Osman (in Turkish: Kara Yülük Osman) (before 1400–1435), Turkish ruler


Mythical or fictional characters[edit]

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