Kara Arslan

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Kara Arslan fels, 1144–1166. Cabinet des Médailles.
Coin of Kara Arslan, no date, mint of Amid, with Roman winged victory holding a book. British Museum.
Coin of Kara Arslan, no date, mint of Amid, depicting enthroned Christ. British Museum.

Fakhr al-Din Qara Arslan (or Kara Arslan) (r. 1144–1174 CE) was a member of the Artuqid dynasty and son of Rukn al-Daula Dāʾūd, bey of Hasankeyf. Kara Arslan ruled Hasankeyf following Dāʾūd's death on 19 Muharram 539 (22 July 1144).

Regnal titles
Preceded by
Rukn al-Daula Dāʾūd
Artuqid dynasty
Succeeded by
Nur al-Din Muhammad

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