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Kara Wai

SI Twenty-First Annual Made in Hong Kong Film Festival 01.jpg
Kara Wai at the USA Smithsonian Institution world premiere of Happiness on July 15, 2016
Born (1960-02-03) 3 February 1960 (age 60)
Other namesKara Hui
Years active1976–present
FamilyAustin Wai (brother)
AwardsChangchun Film Festival
Best Actress
2010 At the End of Daybreak
Hong Kong Film AwardsBest Actress
1982 My Young Auntie
2010 At the End of Daybreak
2017 Happiness
Best Supporting Actress
2014 Rigor Mortis

Hong Kong Film Critics Society AwardsBest Actress
2010 At the End of Daybreak

Asian Film AwardsBest Supporting Actress
2010 At the End of Daybreak

Golden Horse AwardsBest Leading Actress
2017 The Bold, the Corrupt, and the Beautiful
Best Supporting Actress
2009 At the End of Daybreak

Asian Television AwardsBest Actress
2017 Affairs of the Heart

Chinese name
Traditional Chinese惠英紅
Simplified Chinese惠英红

Kara Wai Ying-hung BBS (born 3 February 1960), is a Hong Kong actress of Manchu ethnicity.

Known to the international audience for her kung-fu roles in Shaw Brothers Studio films in the 1970s and 1980s, Kara Hui has since portrayed a wide range of roles on screen and on television with much success. She is the inaugural and a three-time recipient of Hong Kong Film Award for Best Actress. Her portrayal of a mother in the 2009 film At the End of Daybreak won her acting awards at the Hong Kong Film Awards, Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards, Changchun Film Festival, Pacific Meridian, Asian Film Awards, and Golden Horse Awards. In following years, she went on to win multiple acting trophies throughout Asia Pacific from film roles, making her as one of the most celebrated Hong Kong actresses. On July 1, 2018, she was awarded Bronze Bauhinia Star (BBS) by the Chief Executive of Hong Kong Special Administration Region, in recognition of her contribution to Hong Kong film industry and acting performances.[2]

Life and career[edit]

Born in Shandong, China, her elder brother was Austin Wai. Her family moved to Hong Kong when she was a toddler.[3] In her interview on Be My Guest, Wai revealed her family lost their savings due to her father's business acquaintances.[4] Left penniless, Wai's mother, herself, and her siblings were forced to peddle goods on the streets of Hong Kong. In her early years, Hui's family resided in the poor shanty town of Rennie's Mill. She didn't keep studying since she finish primary school [4]

After working at nightclubs, Wai was discovered by film director Lau Kar-leung and was cast in Lau's Challenge of the Masters (1976). After that, she participated in various films of Lau.[3]

Wai reached her career apex in My Young Auntie (1982), for which she was earned the Best Actress Award in the 1st Hong Kong Film Awards. She won another two Best Actress Awards for the 29th and 36th Hong Kong Film Awards.

In 1972, at the age of 12, Wai went to school in the morning and worked as a Chinese dancer in the afternoon at the beauty club. At the age of 14, he was recognized by the director zhang che at an audition and became shao shi's basic actor with a monthly salary of 500 yuan.

In 1979, she was promoted by liu jialiang and starred in many martial arts films.

In 1981, she starred in the elder directed by liu jialiang as the heroine.

In 1982, she won the best actress award at the 1st Hong Kong film awards for her film "the elder".

In 1988, Wai, 28, went to Paris to shoot nude photo.

In 1993, she participated in the TV series qianlong 2. In 1997, he starred in the TV series nie yinniang of the great assassin.

In 1999, she suffered from depression, and her career was in low ebb.

In 2003, with the help of friends and relatives, Wai began to recover. After 2005, she quietly returned to the Hong Kong entertainment industry. In addition to her film performances, she also joined TVB and was nominated for "best supporting actress" at the 13th awards ceremony.

In 2009, Wai won the 46th golden horse award for "best supporting actress" for her role as a possessive mother in the movie "the devil in the heart".

Wai again in 2010 with the film has won the 16th the Hong Kong institute of film critics award "best actress", the 4th Asian film awards "for best supporting actress", the 29th Hong Kong film awards "best actress", the 10th Chinese movie media awards "best actress", the 10th China changchun film festival "best actress" in Vladivostok, Russia international film festival has won seven awards "best actress".

After winning the award at the beginning of 2011, Wai made her first appearance in the mainland TV series "imperial concubine". In October, she took part in another mainland drama, tang gong yan, and cut her salary to play wu zetian.

In 2013, she starred in the TV series tang gong yan, playing wu zetian in her later years. And nominated huading award for best supporting actress.

In 2012, Wai officially transferred to the king of the arts and is now a contract actress.

In 2013, wai signed a one-year drama contract with Hong Kong TV, owned by wang weiqi. Her first work was black rose of my amah, and she became the first actress in the drama. In the same year, she won the 1st golden zither award for best supporting actress for her role in the Malaysian film "the marriage thing".

In 2014, she won the best supporting actress award at the 33rd Hong Kong film awards for her film zombie.

In 2017, she won the best actress award at the 36th Hong Kong film awards for her film "lucky is me".

In March 2018, won the outstanding Asian filmmaker award at the 12th Asian film awards; On July 1, Wai was awarded the bronze bauhinia star; On March 17, she won the best supporting actress award for her role in the 13th Asian film awards.

On April 15, 2019, she won the best supporting actress award at the 38th Hong Kong film awards for her role in the film "tracey". In October, she starred in the female-themed drama "the imperfect".

Wai's brother, Austin, died on 4 October 2012.[5]




Year Title Role
1976 Challenge of the Masters
1977 Chinatown Kid Girl in brothel
1977 The Brave Archer Mu Nianci
1977 Teenager's Nightmare: The Criminals Part 5
1977 The Dream of the Red Chamber
1978 Invincible Shaolin Xiu Yin
1978 Heaven Sword & Dragon Sabre Part II
1978 The Voyage of Emperor Chien Lung
1978 Swordsman and Enchantress
1978 The Cunning Hustler
1978 The Brave Archer 2 Mu Nianci
1978 Clan of Amazons
1978 Shaolin Handlock Li's student
1979 The Tigress of Shaolin Tsai Chiao
1979 The Last Judgement
1979 Life Gamble Xiao Hung
1979 The Scandalous Warlord Concubine
1979 Mad Monkey Kung Fu Miss Chen
1979 The Deadly Breaking Sword Xiaoqin
1979 The Ghost Story
1979 Dirty Ho Choi Hung


Year Title Role
1980 Return to the 36th Chamber Hung
1980 The Swift Sword
1980 Emperor Chien Lung and the Beauty
1980 Heaven and Hell Lin Wei-Gang's Girlfriend
1980 Clan of the White Lotus Mei-Hsiao
1981 Sword Stained with Royal Blood
1981 Return of the Sentimental Swordsman Sun Hsiao Hung
1981 My Young Auntie Cheng Tai-Nan
1981 The Brave Archer 3
1981 Martial Club Chu Ying
1981 The Tiger and the Widow
1981 The Duel of the Century
1982 The Emperor and the Minister
1982 Cat vs Rat Chan's sister
1982 Brave Archer 4
1982 Legendary Weapons of China Fang Shao-Ching
1982 The 82 Tenants
1982 Buddha's Palm
1983 Demon of the Lute
1983 The Lady Is the Boss
1984 Three Stooges Go Undercover
1984 New Tales of the Flying Fox Yuan Tzu-yi
1984 Eight Diagram Pole Fighter Yang No.8
1984 Family Light Affair
1984 Double Decker (1984)
1984 The Return of Pom Pom Yuen Hung/Mimi
1984 Long Road to Gallantry Li Sai Nan
1985 Twinkle, Twinkle, Lucky Stars Tour Girl
1985 Robby the Rascal Suya
1985 Why Me? Woman Whose Husband Gambles
1985 Journey of the Doomed
1986 The Story of Dr. Sun Yat-sen
1986 Rosa Lei's Sister
1986 The Seventh Curse Inspector Chiang
1987 Rouge Actress Portraying Ghost
1988 Peacock King
1988 The Inspector Wears Skirts May
1988 Pretty Women at War Ah Phoh
1989 Mr Canton and Lady Rose
1989 Burning Ambition Chau Siu-Hong
1989 They Came to Rob Hong Kong Inspector Shang
1989 Red Lips
1989 Widow Warriors Sister-in-law
1989 The Inspector Wears Skirts II


Year Title Role
1990 Stage Door Johnny
1990 Angel Terminators Hon
1990 Raid on Royal Casino Marine May
1990 Lethal Angels 2
1991 The Banquet The Servant
1991 Heart of Danger
1991 Who Cares!
1991 Queen of Gambler
1991 The Roar of the Vietnamese Yuen Wan-Yin
1992 The Inspector Wears Skirts IV May
1992 Behind the Curtain
1992 Guys in Ghost's Hand
1992 Zen of Sword Ha Hou's Aunt
1992 Mega Force from Highland
1992 Legend of the Drunken Tiger Leela
1993 Madam City Hunter Siu-Hung
1993 Tattoo Girl
1995 The Vengeance
1996 Dragon from Shaolin
1996 Xiu hua da dao


Year Title Role
2000 High K
2000 Fist Power
2001 Visible Secret Siu Kam's mother
2003 The Park Mrs. Yu
2003 Infernal Affairs II Hau's sister
2003 The Secret Society - Boss Fai's ex-wife
2003 Night Corridor Sam's mother
2004 Blood Brothers Wing's mother
2005 A Chinese Tall Story
2005 Crazy N' the City Rachel
2008 Legendary Assassin Boss
2008 L for Love, L for Lies Bobo's mother
2009 At the End of Daybreak


Year Title Role
2010 72 Tenants of Prosperity
2010 Kung Fu Wing Chun Master Ng Mui
2011 A Chinese Ghost Story Lao Lao, the tree demon
2011 Wu Xia Knife fighter
2011 The Wedding Diary
2011 Turning Point 2
2012 Diva Sister Dan
2012 Happiness Me Too
2013 Midnight Train
2013 7 Assassins
2013 The Wedding Diary 2
2013 The Fox Lover
2013 Rigor Mortis Yeung Feng
2013 Control
2014 Lock Me Up, Tie Him Down
2014 The Midnight After
2015 Lovers and Movies
2015 Kungfu Taboo
2015 Daughter
2016 Book of Love Ling
2016 Horrible Masion In Wild Village Granny
2016 Happiness Tse Yuen-fan
2016 The Warriors Gate Mountain Spirit
2016 Mrs K Mrs K
2017 77 Heartbreaks Eva's mother
2017 The Mysterious Family Mother
2017 The Bold, the Corrupt, and the Beautiful Madame Tang
2018 Tracey
2018 House of the Rising Sons
2018 A Life of Papers
2018 Catching Crazy
2019 77 Heartwarmings
2019 Mr. Monster
2019 My People, My Country


Year English title Original title Role Notes
1996 Journey to the West 西遊記 Flying Tiger General
1997 Deadly Protection 保護證人組 Lee Dzi San
1997 Lady Flower Fist 苗翠花 Ma Yuk Mui
1999 At the Threshold of an Era 創世紀 Eva Lau Shuet Ling
1999 A Smiling Ghost Story 衝上人間 Fong Yuet-Ping
1999 Tai Ji Zong Shi 太極宗師 Aunt Hung
2001 The Heaven Sword & the Dragon Sabre 2000 倚天屠龍記 Miejue Shi Tai
2006 Safe Guards 鐵血保鏢 Yan Ching
2006 Below the Lion Rock 2006 獅子山下
2006 CRD Love Story 情定CRD
2007 On the First Beat 學警出更 Wong Shuk Yin
2007 ICAC Investigators 2007 廉政行動2007 Choi Yuet Ngo
2007 Word Twisters' Adventures 鐵咀銀牙 Poon Bak Fung
2008 Wasabi Mon Amour 和味濃情 Ko Kwai
2008 Forensic Heroes II 法證先鋒II Cheng Lai Ling
2008 Legend of the Demigods 搜神傳 Cho Mong Yau
2008 Pages of Treasures Click入黃金屋 Fun
2009 Man in Charge 幕後大老爺 Ching Tai Niang
2009 Rosy Business 巾幗梟雄 Lau Fong Nominated — TVB Anniversary Award for Best Supporting Actress
2009 Sweetness in the Salt 碧血鹽梟 Choi Ngan Fa
2009 Beyond the Realm of Conscience 宮心計 Tam Yim Sheung
2010 A Fistful of Stances 鐵馬尋橋 Cheung Sheung-chu Nominated — TVB Anniversary Award for Best Supporting Actress
2010 Can't Buy Me Love 公主嫁到 Concubine Wei
2010 No Regrets 巾幗梟雄之義海豪情 Yeung Ng Lai-sim
2011 The Glamorous Imperial Concubine 傾世皇妃 Du Feihong (Empress Du)
2013 Women of the Tang Dynasty 唐宮燕之女人天下 Wu Zetian
2015 Incredible Mama 我阿媽係黑玫瑰 Chung-Sam Fat-yuen
2015 Heroes of Sui and Tang Dynasties 5 隋唐英雄5 Wu Zetian
2015 The Female Assassins in the Palace 金釵諜影 Mo Yun
2015 The Legend of Xiaozhuang 大玉兒傳奇 Lady Abahai
2016 Affairs of the Heart 人間有情:苦瓜的味道 Jing
2018 Stained [zh] 心冤 Fion Bo aired in early 2019
2019 The Defected 鐵探 Chief Superintendent Man Hei-wah

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Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Film / television series Result
1982 1st Hong Kong Film Awards Best Actress My Young Auntie Won
2002 21st Hong Kong Film Awards Best Supporting Actress Visible Secret Nominated
2003 40th Golden Horse Awards Best Supporting Actress Night Corridor Nominated
2009 43rd TVB Anniversary Awards Best Supporting Actress Rosy Business Nominated
46th Golden Horse Awards Best Supporting Actress At the End of Daybreak Won
2010 16th Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards Best Actress Won
4th Asian Film Awards Best Supporting Actress Won
29th Hong Kong Film Awards Best Actress Won
10th Chinese Film Media Awards Best Actress Won
10th Changchun Film Festival Best Actress Won
Vladivostok International Film Festival Best Actress Won
44th TVB Anniversary Awards Best Supporting Actress A Fistful of Stances Nominated
2011 48th Golden Horse Awards Best Supporting Actress A Chinese Ghost Story Nominated
2012 31st Hong Kong Film Awards Best Supporting Actress Wu Xia Nominated
2013 1st Malaysia's Golden Wau Awards[8] Best Supporting Actress The Wedding Diary Won
2014 33rd Hong Kong Film Awards Best Supporting Actress Rigor Mortis Won
2015 34th Hong Kong Film Awards Best Supporting Actress The Midnight After Nominated
2017 11th Asian Film Awards Best Actress Happiness Nominated
36th Hong Kong Film Awards Best Actress Won
Macau International Movie Festival Best Actress Won
Chinese Film Media Awards Best Actress Nominated
24th Beijing College Student Film Festival Best Actress Nominated
54th Golden Horse Awards Best Leading Actress The Bold, the Corrupt, and the Beautiful Won
22nd Asian Television Awards Best Actress in a Leading Role Affairs of the Heart Won
2018 55th Golden Horse Awards Best Supporting Actress Tracey Nominated
2019 38th Hong Kong Film Awards Best Supporting Actress Won
13th Asian Film Awards Best Supporting Actress Won
2nd Asian Academy Creative Awards Best Leading Actress (Hong Kong) The Defected Won
26th Huading Awards Best Actress[9] {won}}
Top Ten Favorite Actors Won


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