Kara Mucho

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Japanese snack food
Kara Mucho (Karamucho)
Japanese name カラムーチョ
Maker Koikeya
Ingredients potato, vegetable oil, red pepper powder, salt, sugar, MSG, spice.


  • Kara Mucho Sticks, Hot chili
  • Kara Mucho Chips, Hot chili
  • Kara Mucho Sticks, Golden chili
  • Kara Mucho Chips, Golden chili
  • Gekikara Kara Mucho Sticks, Intense spicy hot chili
  • Gekikara Kara Mucho Chips, Intense spicy hot chili

Kara Mucho is a Japanese snack food. Most popular spicy snack in Japan.

The snack consists of potato sticks or potato chips, and is moderately spicy by Japanese standards.

Each 57g packet contains 301 calories.

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