District of East Karachi

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District of East Karachi
ضلع شرقی کراچی
Pakistan - Sindh - Karachi East.svg
Moeed Anwar

since 31st August 2016
AbbreviationDMC East
SeatDMC East office
AppointerElectorate of Karachi East District
Term length4 years
Constituting instrumentSindh People's Local Government Ordinance 2013
Precursoroffice of the Town Nazims
DeputyAbdul Rauf Khan

Karachi East District (Urdu: ضلع کراچی شرقی ‎) is an administrative district of Karachi Division in Sindh, Pakistan. It is located in the eastern part of Karachi.

The district was abolished in 2000, and was divided into four towns namely:

On 11 July 2011, the Sindh Government restored again Karachi East District.[1]

In November 2013, three eastern towns of Karachi East District split up to form a new District named Korangi also Jamshed Town of Karachi South District was added into this district. Now Karachi East comprises two towns: Jamshed and Gulshan. [2][3][4]

Administrative Towns in Karachi East[edit]

Following is the list of two administrative towns of Karachi East District.[5]

Jamshed Town[edit]

Union Council

JamshedTown Karachi.PNG

U.C. 1 Akhtar Colony
U.C. 2 Manzoor Colony
U.C. 3 Azam Basti
U.C. 4 Chanesar Goth
U.C. 5 Mahmudabad
U.C. 6 P.E.C.H.S. (Pakistan Employees Co-operative Housing Society)
U.C. 7 P.E.C.H.S. II
U.C. 8 Jut Line
U.C. 9 Central Jacob Lines
U.C. 10 Jamshed Quarters
U.C. 11 Garden East
U.C. 12 Soldier Bazar
U.C. 13 Pakistan Quarters

Gulshan Town[edit]

Union Council

GulshanTown Karachi.PNG

U.C. 1 Delhi Mercantile Society
U.C. 2 Civic Centre
U.C. 3 Pir Ilahi Buksh Colony
U.C. 4 Essa Nagri
U.C. 5 Gulshan-e-Iqbal
U.C. 6 Gillani Railway Station
U.C. 7 Shanti Nagar
U.C. 8 Jamali Colony
U.C. 9 Gulshan-e-Iqbal II
U.C. 10 Pehlwan Goth
U.C. 11 Matrovil Colony
U.C. 12 Gulzar-e-Hijri
U.C. 13 Safooran Goth
Karachi Safari Park is located in Gulshan Town
National Cricket Stadium, Karachi

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