Karachi Expo Center

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Karachi Expo Center
Karachi Expo Center
Location Main University Road, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
Coordinates 24°54′5″N 67°4′33.9″E / 24.90139°N 67.076083°E / 24.90139; 67.076083
Owner Trade Development Authority Pakistan
Type Conference centre/Arena
Genre(s) Exhibitions, Conferences
Karachi Expo Center

Karachi Expo Center is the convention center where Pakistani products are showcased internationally. The center consists of 8 halls.


IDEAS 2012 held at Karachi Expo Center

Pakistani military arms and equipment exhibitions are held under the theme 'IDEAS' (International Defence Exhibition and Seminar).[1][2]

My Karachi[edit]

My Karachi themed exhibitions are held annually at Expo Center Karachi where companies and traders all across Karachi market their products.[3]

Dawn All About Lifestyle[edit]

another prominent exhibition theme in Expo Center Karachi is Dawn Lifestyle. It is sponsored by Dawn media Group[4]

ITCN Asia[edit]

ITCN Asia showcases IT and telecommunication technologies in 3 day exhibitions at Expo Center Karachi.[5]


Exposition areas[6]
Hall Square


1 2,230
2 2,230
3 2,230
4 3,345
5 3,345
6 3,345


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