Karachi Naval Dockyard

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Karachi Naval Dockyard
Karachi Port, Karachi, Sindh Province
Naval Jack of Pakistan.svg
Naval Jack of Pakistan Navy
Coordinates 24°49.0′N 66°58.0′E / 24.8167°N 66.9667°E / 24.8167; 66.9667Coordinates: 24°49.0′N 66°58.0′E / 24.8167°N 66.9667°E / 24.8167; 66.9667
Type Submarine base
Site information
Controlled by Pakistan Navy
Site history
Built August 14th, 1947
In use 27 September 1952
Battles/wars Indo-Pakistani war of 1965
Operation Somnath
Indo-Pakistani war of 1971
Submarine operations
Operation East Bengal
Baloch Operations
Operation Parakram
Garrison information
Garrison Submarine Service Branch

The Karachi Naval Dockyard, also refers as PN Dockyard, is a naval submarine base located adjacent to the commercial Karachi Shipyard and the PNS Qasim.[1] The Submarine base is the only submarine construction base for the Pakistan Navy.


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