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Karachi Shipyard & Engineering Works Ltd.
Native name
Urdu: کراچی شپ یارڈ اینڈ انجینئرنگ ورکس
State owned enterprise
IndustryShipbuilding, Defence
Founded1957; 62 years ago (1957)
Area served
Key people
Rear Admiral Ather Saleem (Managing Director )
ProductsWarships, Merchant vessels, Barges, Tugboats, Dredgers, Floating Drydocks
OwnerMinistry of Defence Production

The Karachi Shipyard & Engineering Works Limited (KS&EW), is a major defence contractor and military corporation situated in West Wharf in Karachi, Pakistan. It is the oldest and the only shipyard in Pakistan, catering for shipbuilding, ship repair and general heavy engineering. It has built numerous cargo ships, oil tankers, tugboats and support vessels, landing crafts, naval vessels and submarines for Pakistani Navy.[1]

The current Managing Director KS&EW is Rear Admiral Ather Saleem.


It was established in mid fifties as a project of Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC) and was later incorporated as a public limited company in 1957 which is managed by a Board of Directors and a Managing Director. The shipyard is spread across 71 acres and located at west wharf in Karachi. It is equipped with a large shipbuilding hall, three block fabrication areas, three shipbuilding berths, two dry docks, a machine shop, a grit blasting and painting facility, a 7881 tons capacity ship lift and transfer system, 13 parking stations.[1]


17,000 Ton Fleet Tanker[edit]

A contract was signed on 22 January 2013 between the Ministry of Defence Production, Pakistan and STM , Turkey to construct a 17000 ton fleet tanker for the Pakistani Navy. The Kit of Material was provided by STM and the construction, outfitting took place at KS&EW. The construction of the vessel started on 27 November 2013 and it was launched on 19 August 2016. This is the largest ship built in Pakistan till date.[2]

Agosta 90B[edit]

In the 1990s KS&EW constructed two Agosta 90B submarines for the Pakistani Navy. These were built under a transfer of technology from DCNS, France. The technology was mostly related to construction of the pressure hull and out-fitting of the submarine. The third submarine, PNS Hamza, was constructed with MESMA AIP unit, while the first two (PNS Khalid and PNS Saad) will be retro-fitted during their next overhauls with a "plug" containing a MESMA AIP unit. The submarine's hull will be cut and the plug inserted. The second MESMA unit was shipped in June 2011.[3][4][5]

Future Projects[edit]

The next submarine project will see KS&EW jointly involved with Chinese company CSOC (China Shipbuilding & Offshore International Co. Ltd.) in the design and construction of six submarines equipped with air-independent propulsion (AIP). These will be designed to Pakistani specifications and four will be built at a CSOC shipyard in China, while two will be constructed by KS&EW. It is believed that little upgrading of facilities is required because much of the current infrastructure meets the requirements. The preliminary negotiations were reported to be completed in March 2011. It was earlier believed that the project would involve China's Type-041 Yuan class submarine, which had been mentioned by Admiral Noman Bashir, Chief of Naval Staff, several times since 2009.[4]


Merchant vessels[edit]

  • Al-Abbas - first one was built in 1967[6] for Muhammadi Steamship Company Limited.
  • MV Lalazar - A 13,300 DWT Cargo Vessel was built for National Shipping Corporation, Pakistan. Delivered on 20th Nov 1974.
  • MV Hetian - A 13,160 DWT Cargo Vessel was built for China National Machinery Import & Export Corporation, China, in 1978.
  • MV Islamabad - MV Islamabad is the largest general cargo and container ship built at KS&EW. The ship is in service with Pakistan National Shipping Corporation.
  • You Ti 20 - A 17,000 TDW Bulk Carrier You Yi 20 was built in 1992 for China National Machinery Import & Export Corporation.

Naval vessels[edit]


Multi-Purpose Patrol craft[edit]

  • PNS Dehshat of the Azmat class missile boat
  • PNS Jurrat & PNS Quwwat of the Jurrat class missile boat
  • PNS Jalalat & PNS Shujaat of the Jalalat II class missile boat
  • PNS Larkana & PNS Rajshahi of the Larkana class Gunboat

Mine Countermeasure Vessels[edit]


Auxiliary Vessels[edit]

  • PNS Moawin (A39)- 17,000 Tons Fleet Tanker
  • PNS Bhit Shah - Split-Hopper Barge
  • PNS Kalmat & PNS Gwader - Coastal Tankers
  • PNS Madadgar & PNS Rasadgar - Small Tanker Cum Utility Ship

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