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Karachi West District (Sindhi: اولهه ڪراڃيUrdu: ضلع کراچی غربی ‎) is an administrative district of Karachi Division in Sindh, Pakistan. It is located in the western part of Karachi.

The District was abolished in 2000 and divided into four towns namely Kemari Town, SITE Town, Baldia Town and Orangi Town. On 11 July 2011 Sindh Government restored again Karachi West District.[1]

The district contains mix population including Sindhi, Baloch, Punjabis, Pashtuns and Muhajirs. No single ethnic group form established majority in the district.

Administrative Towns in Karachi West[edit]

Baldia Town[edit]

Union Council

Baldia Town Karachi.PNG

U.C. 1 Gulshan-e-Ghazi
U.C. 2 Ittehad Town
U.C. 3 Islam Nagar
U.C. 4 Nai Abadi
U.C. 5 Saeedabad
U.C. 6 Muslim Mujahid Colony
U.C. 7 Muhajir Camp
U.C. 8 Rasheedabad

Kiamari Town[edit]

Union Council

KemariTown Karachi.PNG

U.C. 1 Bhutta Village
U.C. 2 Sikanderabad + Sultanabad
U.C. 3 Kiamari
U.C. 4 Baba Bhit
U.C. 5 Machar Colony
U.C. 6 Maripur
U.C. 7 SherShah
U.C. 8 Gabo Pat
Boating Harbour of Kemari

Orangi Town[edit]

Union Council

OrangiTown Karachi.PNG

U.C. 1 Mominabad
U.C. 2 Haryana Colony
U.C. 3 Hanifabad
U.C. 4 Mohammad Nagar
U.C. 5 Madina Colony
U.C. 6 Ghaziabad
U.C. 7 Chisti Nagar
U.C. 8 Bilal Colony
U.C. 9 Iqbal Baloch Colony
U.C. 10 Gabol Colony
U.C. 11 Data Nagar
U.C. 12 Mujahidabad
U.C. 13 Baloch Goth

S.I.T.E. Town (Sindh Industrial & Trading Estate)[edit]

Union Council

SiteTown Karachi.PNG

U.C. 1 Pak Colony
U.C. 2 Old Golimar
U.C. 3 Jahanabad
U.C. 4 Metrovil
U.C. 5 Bhawani Chali
U.C. 6 Frontier Colony
U.C. 7 Banaras Colony
U.C. 8 Qasba Colony
U.C. 9 Islamia Colony


  1. ^ Karachi’s district status restored, notification issued, Published in The News Tribe on 11 July 2011, Retrieved on 7 August 2012

Coordinates: 24°52′58″N 66°58′29″E / 24.8829°N 66.9748°E / 24.8829; 66.9748