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Yashwant Nagari
Karad is located in Maharashtra
Location in Maharashtra, India
Coordinates: 17°17′06″N 74°11′02″E / 17.285°N 74.184°E / 17.285; 74.184Coordinates: 17°17′06″N 74°11′02″E / 17.285°N 74.184°E / 17.285; 74.184
Country  India
State Maharashtra
District Satara
Named for Yashwantrao Chavan
 • Body Municipal Council
Elevation 566 m (1,857 ft)
Population (2017)
 • Total 117,221 (Including Malkapur)
Demonym(s) Karadkar
Time zone UTC+5:30 (IST)
PIN 415110
Telephone code +91-2164
Vehicle registration MH- 50
Website www.karad.in

Karad is a city in Satara district in the southern part of Indian state of Maharashtra and it is 290 km (180.19 miles) from Mumbai and 159 Km from Pune. It lies at the confluence of Koyna River and the Krishna River. The two rivers originate at Mahabaleshwar, which is around 100 km from Karad. They diverge at their origin, and travel for about the same distance to meet again in Karad. The rivers meet exactly head on, thus forming letter "T" which is the only head on confluence in the world. Hence Krishna and Koyna river's confluence is called Preeti Sangam, meaning Confluence of Love. Karad is well known for sugar production and is known as the sugar bowl of Maharashtra owing to the presence of many sugar factories in and around Karad. It is considered as an important educational hub in Western Maharashtra due to the presence of many prestigious educational institutes. This place is also known for resting place or (Samadhi) of the first chief minister of Maharashtra Shri. Yashwantrao Chavan situated at the confluence of Krishna and Koyana river.

Karad has an adjoining small town named Malkapur, Karad which has its own municipal council and a population of 31,671. Karad city was awarded a prize under "Sant Gadagebaba Gramswachatta Abhiyan" started by Indian Government.


It was originally known as "Karhatak", meaning "Elephant Market". Karad is also a city of historical importance. According to Mahabharata, Sahadeva one of the Pandavas lived in the city also known to be pious as Lord Rama stepped his feet on this land[1]. Located to the south west of Karad is Karad Caves.[2]

The first capital of the Shilaharas was probably at Karad during the reign of Jatiga-II as known from their copper plate grant of Miraj and Vikramankadevacharita of Bilhana. Hence sometimes they are referred as 'Shilaharas of Karad'. The capital was later shifted to Kolhapur. Among the Silaharas of Kolhapur who ruled over Satara and Belganv districts from 1000 to 1215 A. D., Gonka deserves mention here, as he is described as the Lord of Karhad (Karad), Mairifvja (Miraj) and Konkan.[3]

Also a Major event in history is witnessed by the Krishna River Banks, His Highness Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj once washed his weapon which is known as Waghnakhya and Bichhwa in the River Krishna's waters


Major landmarks in the city include Kolhapur Naka, MSRTC Bus Stand, Krishna Naka, Karve Naka, Jama Masjid, Chawdi Chowk, Krishna Ghat, Historical Manora, Bhaji Mandai, Bheda Hospital Chowk, Town Hall, Shivaji Stadium, Krishna Canal Chowk, Vidyanagar, Yashwant Highschool, Cottage Hospital, Dutta Chowk, Kanya Shala, Tilak Highschool and Holy Family Convent School in Vidyanagar among others.


Karad is located at 17°17′N 74°12′E / 17.28°N 74.2°E / 17.28; 74.2.[4] It has an average elevation of 566 metres (1856 feet). Karad is located near Agashiva 17°14′15″N 74°09′07″E / 17.237506°N 74.15205°E / 17.237506; 74.15205. It has been referred in great epic Mahabharata. It has the shape of an "Aum" (Devanagari) when viewed aerially.


Some Famous Famous Points Near Karad are:

  • Preeti Sangam (Krishna - Koyna ) ➤ Approx 2 Km
  • Krishna Mai Temple ➤ Approx 2 Km
  • Pritisangam Udyan ➤ Approx 2 Km
  • Late Yashwantrao Chavan's Samadhi ➤ Approx 2 Km
  • Historical Monument 'Manora'(2 Minars) ➤ Approx 2 Km
  • Naktya Rawalchi Vihir (Ancient Well) ➤ Approx 2 Km
  • Masjid Built by Sultan Ali Adilshah (1557- 1580) ➤ Approx 2 Km
  • Sadashivgad ➤ Approx 5 Km
  • Khodshi Dam ➤ Approx 5 Km
  • Agashiv Caves ➤ Approx 5 Km
  • Vasantgad ➤ Approx 15 Km
  • Talbid (Ram Mandir) ➤ Approx 15 Km
  • Sar-Senapati Hambirrao Mohite Samadhi ➤ Approx 15 Km
  • Chauranginath Temple , Sonsal ➤ Approx 20 Km
  • Ramling Bet , Bahe ➤ Approx 30 Km
  • Shri Khandoba Devsthan, Pal ➤ Approx 30 Km
  • Ram Mandir Chaphal ➤ Approx 30 Km
  • Yamai Mandir , Aundh ➤ Approx 35 Km
  • Uttarmand Dam ➤ Approx 35 Km
  • Sagareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary ➤ Approx 30 Km
  • Valmiki Temple & Big Wild Area ➤ Approx 45 Km
  • Chandoli Dam ➤ Approx 50 Km
  • Koyna Dam ➤ Approx 60 Km
  • Nawja Waterfall ➤ Approx 65 Km

Some Famous Points Near Satara : ( Km From Karad )

  • Ganesh Temple , Angapur ➤ Approx 40 Km
  • Tuljabhavani Temple , Shendre ➤ Approx 45 Km
  • Charbhinti ➤ Approx 60 Km
  • Aajinkytara ➤ Approx 60 Km
  • Yavteshvar ➤ Approx 60 Km
  • Sajjangad ➤ Approx 65 Km
  • Ganesh Temple , Phutka Talav ➤ Approx 65 Km
  • Sangam Mahuli ➤ Approx 60 Km
  • Chalkewadi ➤ Approx 75 Km
  • Pateshwar ➤ Approx 75 Km
  • Kaas Plateau ➤ Approx 75 Km
  • Thoseghar Waterfall ➤ Approx 75 Km
  • Vajrai Waterfall ➤ Approx 85 Km
  • Baramatyachi Vihir ➤ Approx 85 Km


The city boasts many important government offices and other institutions of significance. With the vision of great leader Yashwantrao Chavan the city was one of the few in India to have a well- planned underground drainage system well before in the 1960s. By end-2010, Malkapur, Karad, on the outskirts of the city of Karad, is delivering water 24x7 to all its residents as a result of concrete steps taken by the Malkapur Nagar Panchayat (MNP) with support from the Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran (MJP), a state government entity. This is the first of its kind by a public body in India. Major offices and institutions in Karad are as follows:

  • Karad Court, Karad
  • Diwani -Foujdari Court, Karad
  • Doordarshan Kendra, Karad
  • Fire- Brigade, Karad
  • Division Office, Karad
  • Tehsil Office, Karad
  • Khashaba Chounk
  • Panchayat Samiti, Karad
  • Government Rest House, Karad
  • City Police Station, Karad
  • Taluka Police Station, Karad
  • Head Post Office, Karad
  • Railway Station, Karad
  • Airport, Karad
  • MSRTC Depot, Karad
  • Cottage Hospital, Karad
  • RTO Office, Karad
  • Taswade MIDC, Karad
  • Nagarpalika, Karad
  • Town Hall , Karad


As of 2011 India census,[5] Karad town and surrounding villages had total population of 74,355. Males constitute 52% of the population and females 48%. Karad has an average literacy rate of 76%, higher than the national average of 59.5%: male literacy is 80%, and female literacy is 72%. In Karad, 11% of the population is under 6 years of age. People from different cultures live here but vast majority belong to Hinduism and Speak Marathi language.


National Highways[edit]

The National Highway 4 goes by Karad city. National Highway 4 (NH 4) is a major National Highway in Western and Southern India. NH 4 links four of the 10 most populous Indian cities - Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai and Pune. NH 4 also connects Karad to Kolhapur. Pune is the largest metropolis near Karad and Kolhapur is an important trade centre and educational hub for IIT training and a tourist destination.


An Airstrip was constructed in the 1955 by the Public Works Department to facilitate the Koyna dam project. It is currently being used for General aviation and pilot training.The airport is spread on 65 acres and the acquisition of more than 100 acres has been proposed. Runway 10/28 is 1280 meters long and 30 meters wide with a 60 meter by 60 meter apron. No navigational aids nor night landing facilities are available on the airstrip. The State run Maharashtra Airport Development Company (MADC) plans to extend the 1,250 meters airstrip by another 1,500 m and widen it by 150 m. Besides this nearest airports are Pune Airport, and Kolhapur Airport(under construction) which will start functioning in 2018-19


  • Karad – 4 km from city

Karad has railway station and is onroute from Mumbai to Miraj, Sangli, Kolhapur, and Bangalore (some trains). You can reach Karad from Mumbai or Pune easily by road or rail (Mahalaxmi Express, Koyna Express,"Goa Express", Sahyadri Express or Chalukya Express).

Recently, Railway minister Suresh Prabhu has allocated funds for a plan to build a new 112 km railway line between Karad and Chiplun.

Nearest railway junction

All super-fast trains like the Karnataka Sampark Kranti, Deekshaboomi Express, Rani Chenama Express, Haripriya Express and Miraj Hubli Express stop at Miraj Junction. You can take private cars or MSRTC buses from Miraj to Karad. Travel time from Miraj to Karad is Approx.roximately 1 hour 15 minutes.

Railway Time Table Karad
Towards Miraj
No. Train No. Train Name Train Type Day Departure time
01 11023 Mumbai – Kolhapur Sahyadri Express Daily 02.55 am
02 17318 Mumbai( Kurla) – Hubli Hubballi Express Daily 03.35 am
03 17411 Mumbai - Kolhapur Mahalaxmi Express Daily 04.10 am
04 11021 Dadar - Tirunelveli Chalukya - Tirunelveli Express Sun, Wed,Thu 04.55 am
05 11035 Dadar – Mysore Sharavati Express Fri 04.55 am
06 11005 Dadar - Puducherry Chalukya - Puducherry Express Mon,Tue, Sat 04.55 am
07 11097 Pune – Ernakulam Purna Express Sun 05.40 am
08 51441 Satara – Kolhapur Pass. Daily 06.40 am
09 16209 Ajmer – Mysore Mysore Express Mon, Sat 08.10 am
10 16505 Gandhidham – Bangluru Bangluru Express Wed 08.10 am
11 16507 Bhagat Ki Kothi – Bangluru Bangluru Express Sun,Fri 08.10 am
12 16531 Ajmer – Bangluru Garib Nawaz Express Tue 08.10 am
13 11040 Gondia = Gorakhpur –Kolhapur Maharashtra Express Train Splits at Daund >> Gondia = Gorakhpur Daily 09.20 am
14 12148 Nizmuddin – Kolhapur Nizmuddin Express Fri 01.10 pm
15 01664 Habibganj - Dharwad Dharwad Express Sat 01.10 pm
16 12782 Nizmuddin – Mysore Swarnajayani Express Tue 01.10 pm
17 51409 Pune – Kolhapur Pass. Daily 03.56 pm
18 11029 Mumbai – Kolhapur Koyna Express Daily 05.25 pm
19 12780 Nizmuddin – Vasco Goa Express Daily 08.20 pm
Information by: Basargi Mahesh
Towards Pune
No. Train No. Train Name Train Type Day Departure time
01 11098 Ernakulam–Pune Purna Express Wed 00.14 am
02 11024 KolhapurMumbai Sahyadri Express Daily 01.25 am
03 01663 Dharwad - Habibganj Dharwad Express Sun 06.07 am
04 51410 Kolhapur–Pune Pass. Daily 07.56 am
05 11030 Kolhapur–Mumbai Koyna Express Daily 10.45 am
06 12147 KolhapurNizmuddin Nizmuddin Express Tue 11.40 am
07 12781 Mysore–Nizmuddin Swarnajayani Express Sat 11.40 am
08 16210 Mysore–Ajmer Ajmer - Mysore Express Wed, Fri 02.00 pm
09 16506 Bangluru–Gandhidham Gandhidham - Bangluru Express Sun 02.00 pm
10 16508 Bhagat Ki Kothi – Bangluru Jodhpur Expresss Tue, Thu 02.00 pm
11 16532 Bangluru –Ajmer Garib Nawaz Express Sat 02.00 pm
12 11039 Kolhapur - Gondia = Gorakhpur Maharashtra Express Train Splits at Bhusawal >> Gondia = Gorakhpur Daily 06.10 pm
13 51442 Kolhapur–Satara Pass. Daily 08.16 pm.
14 11006 Puducherry - Dadar Chalukya - Puducherry Exp Mon,Wed,Thu 10.10 pm
15 11022 Tirunelveli - Dadar Chalukya - Tirunelveli Express Tue, Fri, Sat 10.10 pm
16 11036 Mysore–Dadar Sharavati Express Sun 10.10 pm
17 17317 Hubli - Mumbai( Kurla) Hubballi Express Daily 10.36 pm
18 11012 Mumbai–Kolhapur Mahalaxmi Express Daily 11.05 pm
19 12779 Vasco–Nizmuddin Goa Express Daily 11.46 pm
Information by: Basargi Mahesh


Karad has the Taswade MIDC in its vicinity which boasts many industries giving employment to people in the Satara District. Karad has the presence of Emerson Climate Technologies and Pidilite Industries Ltd. Karad is famous for its Jaggery and Cattle markets in entire Maharashtra. Jaggery of very high quality is manufactured and traded here. Such quality of jaggery is rarely available and is one of the best in the world. Chikki named after an Indian dessert is one of the special jaggery which is used as a key ingredient during Indian festival of Makar Sankaranti. There is a big Market yard where various commodities are traded and the geographical location of the city add to its benefit since it is known as the gateway to Konkan region from Western Maharashtra. Karad is well known for sugar production and is known as the sugar bowl of Maharashtra owing to the presence of many sugar factories in and around Karad.


High schools

Holy Family Convent High School in Vidyanagar is amongst the most prominent English medium schools in the city. Tilak High School for boys and Kanya Prashala for girls are among the top Marathi/Semi-English medium schools.

  • Sadguru Gadage Maharaj (SGM) Prathamik Shala, Vidyanagar, Karad
  • Shri Shivaji Vidyalaya, Karad
  • Shri Shivaji Vidyalaya, Masur
  • Shri Shivaji Vidyalaya, Karve
  • Maharashtra High School, Karad
  • Holy Family Convent High School, Vidyanagar, Karad.
  • Adarsh Primary School, Karad
  • Deshbhakta Bhikoba Approx.aji Salunkhe Vidyalaya, Kival
  • Venutai English Medium School, Karad
  • Keshavrao Pawar English Medium School, Karad.
  • Yashwant High School, Karad.
  • Vithamata High School, Karad.
  • Tilak High School, Karad.
  • Kanya Prashala, Karad.
  • Anandrao Chavan high School, Karad.
  • Sant Tukaram High School, Karad.
  • Saraswati Vidya Mandir, Karad.
  • Palkar Highschool, Karad.
  • S.M.S English Medium School, Karad.
  • KCT's Krishna English Medium, Malkapur, Karad.
  • Husen Kasam Danekari Anglo Urdu High School, Karad.
  • Shaheen Urdu Medium School,Karad (Primary).
  • Shaheen Urdu Medium School, Karad.
  • Star English School, Karad.
  • Rotary School, Malkapur, Karad.
  • Kalyani English Medium School, Karad.
  • Podar International School, Karad.
  • Bachpan English Medium School,Karad.
  • Anandrao Chavan Vidyalaya, Malkapur,Karad

Engineering colleges

Government College of Engineering, Karad and Government Polytechnic, Karad are amongst the best engineering and polytechnic colleges in the state of Maharashtra.

  • Doulatrao Aher College of Engineering, Karad
  • Shri Santkrupa College of Engineering, Ghogaoan, Karad
  • Dadasaheb Mokashi College of Engineering, Karad
Architecture College
  • Smt Premalatai Chavan College of Architecture, Karad
Arts, Science, and Commerce colleges
  • Yashwantrao Chavan College of Science, Karad
  • Venutai Chavan Art,Commerce college, Karad
  • Sadguru Gadge Maharaj (SGM) Arts, Science, Commerce College, Karad
  • Anandrao Chavan Arts, Science, Commerce College, Karad
  • Shikshan Maharashi Bapuji Salunkhe Arts, Science, Commerce College, Karad
  • Mahila Maha Vidyalay Arts, Science, Commerce College, Karad
  • KCT's Jr. College of Science Malkapur,Karad.
  • Vithamata Vidyalaya and Junior College, Karad
Polytechnic colleges
  • Government Polytechnic, Karad
  • Premalatai Chavan Polytechnic, Karad
  • Doulatrao Aher Polytechnic, Karad
  • Dadasaheb Mokashi Polytechnic, Sadashivgad, Karad
  • Shivajirao Desai Polytechnic, Daulatnagar, Patan, Karad
  • Shri SanShri Santtkrupa Polytechnic, Ghogaoan, Karad
  • Ramrao Nikam Polytechnic, Indoli, Karad
  • Chatrapati Shahu Polytechnic, Atit
Other colleges
  • Government Pharmacy College, Karad
  • Government Agriculture college, Karad
  • Government ITI, Karad
  • Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences, Karad
KIMS Karad
  • Bharati Vidyapeeth Law College, Karad
  • Yashavantrao Mohite Institute of Management, Karad
  • Mahila College, Karad
  • Late Advv. Dadasaheb Chavan college ofPpharmacy, Masur Karad
  • Vishwakarma-Dadasaheb Chavan Institute of Management & Research,Malwadi, Masur, Karad
  • Ligade-Patil Junior College of Science, Vidyanagar, Karad
  • IIJT Institute, Karad
  • Sunbeam Institute (CDAC's authorized Center )
  • Shri Santkrupa Pharmacy College, Karad
  • Dadasaheb Mokashi Food Managenant College, Karad


Performing arts[edit]

The city has a major hall for cultural activities and exhibitions: Yashwantrao Chavan Memorial - Town Hall. Cultural events of various organizations and gatherings of schools are also held here. Many[who?] theatre artists have been flashed at the National Level from this place[clarification needed][citation needed]. The "Venutai Chavan Hall" is used for classical concerts,conducting national and international seminars on topics like science, space, traditions, culture, spirituality, etc.


Karad has a tradition of literature lovers. The prestigious 76th Akhil Bharatiya Marathi Sahitya Sammelan was held at banks of Krishna river in Karad in 2003[citation needed].

Museums and historic areas[edit]

In the honor of his contribution to building modern Maharashtra a small visiting museum is created in the residence of Late Shri Yashwantrao Chavan in Karad. An ancient Well named Naktya Rawalchi Vihir is located near Krishna river in Karad which shows the well planned construction techniques followed during the ancient times.

Vijay Divas[edit]

Vijay Diwas is celebrated every year since 1998, as Victory Day, by Trishakti Foundation in the town of Karad. It is usually celebrated in the month of December. The main event is the Military tattoo at the Shivaji Stadium, Karad. It is a grand show of military valor, bravery, physical fitness and endurance by Defense Forces and Police. The school children perform tattoos demonstrating their potential, spirit and youthfulness. The stadium is full to its capacity of more than 40,000 spectators.

Col. Sambhaji Patil (Retd), the Founder President of Trishakti Foundation, leads from the front, to ensure total success of this event, for the last 14 years. For the people of Karad and its surrounding areas, it is an event of the year. They are deeply engaged in the celebrations and it is a splendid example of co-operation by the civilians and uniformed fraternity of the Indian Military. It is to mention here that India fought a valiant war under the leadership of free India’s most astute and powerful Prime Minister Late Indira Gandhi, against Pakistan, both in the Eastern and the Western sectors. The erstwhile East Pakistan was under domination and exploitation by the West Pakistan. India took the bold initiative to set this right and the Indian Defence Forces assisted the rebellious Mukti Bahini, which finally culminated in total surrender by Pakistan Army. And a new country was born, called Bangladesh, on 16th Dec 1971. The main event of Military tattoo started in the afternoon of 23 Dec 2012 at the Shivaji Stadium, Karad. It was a grand show of military valour, bravery, physical fitness and endurance by Defence Forces and Police. The school children perform tattoos demonstrating their potential, spirit and youthfulness. The stadium was full to its capacity of more than 40,000 spectators. This year the main attraction was cultural troupe from Arunachal Pradesh, which enthralled the spectators with their outstanding performance

Yashwantrao Chavan Agricultural, Industrial and Cattle show[edit]

The late Yashwantrao Chavan Agricultural, Industrial and Cattle Show is mega regional Agricultural event of global standards held at Karad, by Krishi Uttpanna Bajar Samiti Karad since 2001. The event of around 500 exhibitors provides an excellent platform under one roof for showcasing the latest technology in agriculture, poultry and livestock, dairy, agro services and food processing and technology etc.


  1. Wrestling: India's first individual Olympics medal winner Khashaba Dadasaheb Jadhav is from Karad.
  2. Cricket: Shivaji Cricket Stadium is renowned for holding two Ranji Trophy matches.
  3. Badminton: Indoor Badminton Court facility is available at Shivaji Stadium and Social Club Karad.

Notable people[edit]

  • Gopal Ganesh Agarkar (1856–1895), social reformer and newspaper editor
  • Khashaba Jadhav (15 January 1926 – 14 August 1984) Born in a very poor farming family at Goleshwar Tal. Karad, the only individual Olympic Medal Winner for India until 2000. He won India's first individual Olympic medal by winning the Bronze medal on 23 July 1952, in the 1952 Helsinki Olympic Games for wrestling in bantamweight, which is the unbeaten record for India in wrestling until today. In 1993, Maharashtra State awarded him the Shiv Chhattrapati Award posthumously. In 2001, the Central Government also awarded him the Arjuna Award posthumously.[6]
  • Yashwantrao Chavan (12 March 1913 – 25 November 1984), an eminent Congress party politician, hailed from Karad. He was the first Chief Minister of Maharashtra and also served as the defence minister, finance minister, home minister, foreign affairs minister, and as the Deputy Prime Minister of India and became the first and only person from Maharashtra to reach up to this political level. Tembhu, one of the mega-projects under the Krishna Valley scheme, is situated near Karad.
  • Prithviraj Chavan: He was the 17th Chief Minister of Maharashtra. Chavan served as the Minister of State in the Prime Minister's Office in the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs and Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances, and Pensions. Chavan was also General Secretary of the All-India Congress Committee (AICC), in-charge of many states, including Jammu and Kashmir, Karnataka, Haryana, Gujarat, Tripura, and Arunachal Pradesh.


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