Karaginsky Island

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Native name: Карагинский остров
Location of Karaginsky Island off the eastern Kamchatka coast
Karaginsky Island is located in Russia
Karaginsky Island
Karaginsky Island (Russia)
Location Karaginsky Gulf of the Bering Sea
Coordinates 58°55′N 164°20′E / 58.917°N 164.333°E / 58.917; 164.333
Area 2,404 km2 (928 sq mi)
Length 101 km (62.8 mi)
Width 27 km (16.8 mi)
Highest elevation 912 m (2,992 ft)
Highest point Gora Sakonoval'
Krai Kamchatka Krai
Population uninhabited
Additional information
Designated September 13, 1994 [1]

Karaginsky Island or Karaginskiy Island (Russian: Карагинский остров) is an island in the Karaginsky Gulf of the Bering Sea. The 40 km-wide strait between the Kamchatka Peninsula and this island is called Litke Strait. Karaginsky Island is a Ramsar site.

Even though the island is uninhabited, the Karagin Koryaks have traditionally lived in Karaginskiy Island. Migrant reindeer herders still live in temporary shelters on the island.

The island is 101 km long and up to 27 km wide, with an area of 2,404 km². The highest peak of the island is 912 m. Karaginsky Island is covered with tundra vegetation and cedar underwood. In the summer there are many flowers.

Currently this island is popular with tourists who come to enjoy the wildlife.[2]

  • 45 km north of Karaginsky Island's northern tip lies the small and narrow Verkhoturov Island (Ostrov Verkhoturova). It is 3.5 km long and has an average width of 0.5 km.


Administratively, Karaginskiy Island belongs to the Kamchatka Krai of the Russian Federation.


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Coordinates: 58°55′N 164°20′E / 58.917°N 164.333°E / 58.917; 164.333