Mutasarrifate of Karak

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Mutasarrifate of Karak
Kerek Mutasarrıflığı
Mutasarrifate of the Ottoman Empire

Coat of arms of Mutasarrifate of Karak

Coat of arms

Location of Mutasarrifate of Karak
Mutasarrifate of Karak in 1914
Capital Karak
 •  Established 1895
 •  Armistice of Mudros 1918
Today part of  Jordan

The Mutasarrifate of Karak (Turkish: Kerek Mutasarrıflığı), also known as the Sanjak of Karak, was an Ottoman district with special administrative status established in 1895, located in modern-day Jordan. The city of Karak was the district's capital. It had a population of 72,562 in 1914.[1]


In May 1892, a proposal was made for a regional government centered in Ma'an (previously known as Sanjak of Ma'an founded in 1579 as part of Eyalet of Damascus) which was approved in August.[2] In mid-1895, the centre of this mutasarrifiyya was moved to Karak, marking the southernmost extent of Ottoman rule in the vilayet of Syria.[2]


The Mutasarrifate of Karak was made up of four districts (kazas):[3]


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Coordinates: 31°11′0″N 35°42′0″E / 31.18333°N 35.70000°E / 31.18333; 35.70000