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Station building

Karakida Station (唐木田駅 Karakida-eki?) is the station of Odakyū Tama Line in Tama, Tokyo, Japan.


Station layout[edit]

The station has one side platform with one track and one island platform with two tracks.

1・2・3  Odakyū Tama Line Odakyu Tama CenterShin-YurigaokaShinjuku ・ (Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line Direct) Ayase ・ (Jōban Line Direct) AbikoToride

Service pattern[edit]

Trains operate 0510-0010 every day. The typical hourly off-peak service consists of:

  • Two Tama Expresses to Ayase, calling at Odakyū-Tama-Center, Odakyū-Nagayama, Kurihira, Shin-Yurigaoka, Noborito, Seijōgakuen-mae, Kyōdō, Shimo-Kitazawa and Yoyogi-Uehara, then all stations, of which 1 continues to Abiko.
  • Two Section Semi Expresses to Shinjuku, calling at all stations to Umegaoka, then Shimo-Kitazawa, Yoyogi-Uehara and Shinjuku.
  • Four Locals to Shin-Yurigaoka.

Adjacent Station[edit]

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Odakyu Tama Line
Odakyū-Tama-Center   Ltd. Exp. Homeway   Terminus
Odakyū-Tama-Center   Express   Terminus
Odakyū-Tama-Center   Tama Express   Terminus
Odakyū-Tama-Center   Sectional Semi-Express   Terminus
Odakyū-Tama-Center   Local   Terminus


The station opened on March 27, 1990.

Coordinates: 35°36′57″N 139°24′40″E / 35.6158344°N 139.4111234°E / 35.6158344; 139.4111234