Karamea River

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Karamea River
Country New Zealand
Physical characteristics
Length 73 kilometres (45 mi)

The Karamea River is a river of New Zealand. It is located in the Tasman and West Coast Regions of the South Island. The river rises within Kahurangi National Park in the Matiri Range of the Southern Alps. The river rises to the east of Mount Allen, meandering west briefly before turning north. After some 25 kilometres it again turns west, to enter a series of small lakes where its waters are joined by those of the Roaring Lion River.

From here the river continues west through steep-sided valleys before leaving the national park and reaching its floodplain 10 kilometres from the coast of the Tasman Sea. The river passes the small settlements of Umere and Arapito before reaching the sea at the township of Karamea.

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Coordinates: 41°16′S 172°06′E / 41.267°S 172.100°E / -41.267; 172.100