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Karan Aujla

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Karan Aujla
Karan Aujla 2020.jpg
Aujla in 2020
Background information
Born18 January[1]
OriginPunjab, India
Years active(2014 –present)
LabelsRehaan Records
Royal Music Gang
Associated actsDeep Jandu
Jazzy B
Jassi Gill
Elly Mangat
WebsiteKaran Aujla on Instagram

Karan Aujla is an Indian singer, lyricist, and rapper known for his work in Punjabi music. He is best known for the songs "Don't Look", "Hint", "Don't Worry", and "Chitta Kurta". His singles "Hint", "Chitta Kurta", and "Jhanjar" have featured in Global YouTube weekly chart.

Early life and career

Aujla performing live at Chandigarh in 2019

Aujla hails from Ghurala, Punjab, India.[2] He was born to father Balwinder Singh Aujla and mother Rajinder Kaur.[3][4] His parents died when he was nine years old. Thereafter he started writing songs. While studying in 9th standard, Aujla met Jassi Gill in a marriage ceremony and offered him the lyrics of the song Range, which Gill sang and became popular. Aujla received his Canadian permanent residency and emigrated there.[5] Aujla started his career along with Deep Jandu and Elly Mangat. He wrote lyrics for various artists including Jassi Gill, Elly Mangat, Gagan Kokri, Jazzy B, Bohemia and Sukh-E. Later, he started featuring and performing raps in the songs. Soon after, he released tracks as a lead artist. His recordings include "Alcohol 2", "Yaarian Ch Fikk", "Shit Talk", "Up & Down", and "Lafaafe". He finally got his breakthrough with the song "Don't Worry", featuring Gurlez Akhtar in it. The song has been viewed more than hundred million times on YouTube, and became Aujla's first song to enter Asian Music Chart.[6]

The song was followed by other successes "Rim vs Jhanjhar", "Na Na Na", and "No Need". "Rim vs Jhanjhar" was included in Apple Music 2010s Punjabi essentials playlist.[7] His song "Don't Look" remained in Asian Music Chart for more than twenty-four weeks.[8] The song also appeared in 2019 Apple Music India charts.[9] Also, his songs "Don't Worry", "Hair", "2AM", and "Hint" have been ranked on the chart. In July 2019, Aujla released a title track for the film Sikander 2.[10] His song "Hint" trended for over five days on YouTube in India.[11] Also the song was ranked various charts. The song was ranked No. 13 in Asian music chart[12] while No. 75 in Global,[13] No. 27 in India,[14] No. 9 in Canada,[15] No. 14 in Australia,[16] and No. 5 in New Zealand on YouTube charts respectively.[17] Aujla also become the most-listened artist in Punjab, India in December 2019 on YouTube.[18] His next "Chitta Kurta" was also ranked No. 35 and No. 9 in Global and Indian YouTube charts respectively.[19][20] In 2019, Spotify included Aujla in the list of the most popular artists in Punjab.[21] Aujla has a rivalry with Sidhu Moose Wala, both have been replying each other through their songs.[22]

In 2020, his song "Jhanjar" was viewed over five million times within 24 hours on YouTube,[23] and has topped the trending lists in Australia, Canada, and India.[24] The song was ranked No. 26 on Global and No. 8 on India YouTube music charts.[25][26] Also, it was ranked No. 9 on UK Asian music chart.[27]

Personal life

In 2019, he was engaged to his girlfriend Palak.[5] That year, he also got a tattoo of his mother's face on his right arm. He also has his father's tattoo too on the same arm.[28] In June 2019, news channels stated that Aujla was attacked in Surrey, Canada on 8 June 2019. Later, a Punjab-based gang took responsibility of attack but later denied.[29][30] On 9 June 2019, Aujla himself declared the news as rumour spread by news channels.[31] However, other sources confirmed the attack. The gangster Sukhpreet Budda, who took responsibility for the attack was arrested by Interpol in November 2019 in Armenia.[32] In November 2019, Aujla was investigated for violating traffic rules upon his arrival at Chandigarh, India,[33] and was fined for five traffic violations.[34]


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