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The Karangura (Karanguru, Garanguru) were an indigenous Australian people of South Australia.


In Tindale's schema, the Karanguru were allocated some 3,200 square miles (8,300 km2) of tribal territory, lying south of Alton Downs on the ephemeral watercourse known as Eyre Creek. Their eastern frontier is said to have been at Pandi Pandi. Their southern flank ran as far as the northern edge of Goyder Lagoon. They were also present at the Eleanor River.[1]

Social organization[edit]

The Karanguru were constituted of some 14 hordes.[2][1]

Alternative names[edit]

  • Karangura
  • Kararngura
  • Kurangooroo
  • Andrawilla.[a]


  1. ^ This was the indigenous name for the site where an early police camp, now known as Andrewilla, was established.[1]


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